NEA Legislative Report Card released

The National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s largest teachers’ union, released a report card that assigns letter grades to each member of Congress.  As one would expect, the grades are based on the member’s obedience to the NEA, which makes them pretty predictable. Liberals get good grades, conservatives get bad grades, and moderates get middling grades.

Interestingly, Sen. Burr’s grades over the last three sessions suggest that our state’s Republican senator is drifting Left on education issues.

U.S. House of Representatives (113th Congress)

Butterfield: A

Ellmers: F

Jones: C

Price: A

Foxx: F

Coble: F

McIntyre: A

Hudson: F

Pittenger: F

McHenry: F

Meadows: F

Watt: A

Holding: F


U.S. Senate


113th Congress: C

112th Congress: D

111th Congress: F


113th Congress: A

112th Congress: A

111th Congress: A

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