North Carolina Exchange Figures: Month 3

The results have arrived again.  Yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) released updated Obamacare exchange enrollment figures.  From October 1 – December 28, 2013, 2.1 million individuals have completed the online application process to sign up for a Qualified Health Plan in the individual health insurance market.

HHS has been distributing data on a monthly basis since the exchanges opened for enrollment back in October 2013.  This time, the department took a step further by factoring in the ages of enrolling consumers.

Here’s the North Carolina breakdown:

  • Over 107,000 completed the enrollment process on and selected a health plan.
  • 57% – female, 43% – male 
  • 23% – ages 18-34**
  • 16% – ages 35-55 
  • 22% – ages 45-54
  • 32% – ages 55-64

Although enrollments were broken down by age, HHS did NOT reveal the health status of these age groups.  This vital piece of information needs to be disclosed at some point in the near future.  For the exchanges to remain financially afloat, a balanced risk-pool is a must.  If not, serious taxpayer bailouts loom on the horizon.  Furthermore, while North Carolina ranks 5th highest in the nation regarding enrollment, the more important question is:  How many premiums have actually been paid?

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