Understanding the debate over major foundation giving to NC policy groups

Subscribers to the Lake Wylie Pilot are reading about how Bill Moyers is testily defending his attack against Art Pope as having “bought” the State of North Carolina through giving via the Pope Foundation to free-market advocacy groups in N.C. (which include the John Locke Foundation). They are reading how Moyers carefully avoided putting that giving in the context of either (a) the greater giving extended by philanthropic foundations to leftist advocacy groups in N.C. or (b) the Pope Foundation’s giving to humanitarian causes and other civic ventures.

Moyers is serving the cause of morality, you see.

It is moral, you know, to profess that North Carolina voters could not, must not have voted according to the issues and their interests but instead had been, must have been, influenced by this money but not that larger pile of money. The moral solution is therefore to demonize the source of the smaller pile of money — and if you doubt that morality, may I remind you that in our hymnbook we sing that “Jesus … wouldn’t care for Art Pope.” That is our moral Jesus. It is also moral to seek personal destruction and hide inconvenient facts; very necessarily moral.

foundation giving NC

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