Gasoline Taxes and User Fees – How much do they pay for our Roads?

The Tax Foundation released a report that looks at how state and local road spending is funded.  It is very interesting how the states line up.  Delaware is in first place with 78.6 percent of its road spending being funded by user fees and user taxes.  Hawaii (77.3%) and Florida (68.8%) are close behind.  In contrast, Alaska (10.5%), South Dakota (21.5%), Wyoming (24.5%), and Louisiana (25.4%) raise little of their transportation spending from user fees and user taxes, instead subsidizing it heavily with general revenues.

Here are North Carolina’s ranks:

Tolls & User Fees Rank Fuel Taxes License Taxes Total, User Fees Rank
North Carolina 0.3% 44th 43.4% 15.9% 59.6% 5th

State and Local Road Funding

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