Parents petition, fight to keep charter school open

To: Editors of the News & Observer, other charter school opponents

From: Your pal, Terry

Subject: Charter schools

Hey, guys, want to read how parents feel about charter schools?  Read this petition to renew the charter of PACE Academy in Chapel Hill, a charter school that serves special needs children.  Parents and members of the local community are concerned because the NC Charter School Advisory Board recommended that the NC State Board of Education not renew PACE Academy’s charter.  As of noon today, the petition received nearly 900 signatures.

Here are a few sample responses to the petition:

“PACE saved my son. The staff, from top to bottom care deeply about the individual students needs and work diligently with each to help them grow and become positive minded members of society. Their unwavering support for ALL children is humbling. I have seen children that were lost and forgotten graduate with opportunities they could never have imagined were it not for PACE Academy.”

“PACE Academy has been a true life-saver for my son. It has been a wonderful school, environment and community where he has truly thrived.”

“I was hoping to send my daughter here for high school. She is autistic and there are so few options for smaller schools for her.”

“PACE has made an incredible difference in my daughter education and social development that she did not get in other school districts. she loves going to school now.”

“Pace changed my daughters life. Please do not take this away from her as well as all the other kids who need this school. These teachers and staff see these kids as stars as people who can and will be someone very special and important one day. They love these kids, and have taught these kids how to love each other as well as to love themselves. Please don’t take this away from them.”

I look forward to your non-response.

Hat tip: LL/AD

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