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More Evidence That Medicaid Does Not Reduce ER Visits

40 percent.  That’s how much unnecessary emergency room visits increased among a tested population of Oregonians who were given access to Medicaid compared to a population of low-income uninsured citizens.  Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute explains it here: The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment is the gold standard among studies on the effects of healthContinue Reading

What To Do When Obamacare Unravels

An excerpt from John H. Cochrane’s recent opinion article in the Wall Street Journal: “What To Do When ObamaCare Unravels” Health insurance should be individual, portable across jobs, states and providers; lifelong and guaranteed-renewable, meaning you have the right to continue with no unexpected increase in premiums if you get sick. Insurance should protect wealthContinue Reading

Voting irregularities underline need for election law reform

In Robeson County, a new election has been ordered due to these problems that occurred in their November municipal elections: •  At least eight voters improperly voted one-stop absentee. •  Nine young men associated with a basketball program used improper identification – a private lease – as proof of residence to register at same-day voterContinue Reading

TSA destroys musical instruments

In recent weeks, the TSA has destroyed flutes and even a piano — all part of keeping us safe. Walter Olson discusses these almost unbelievable stories here. Almost unbelievable, but then this is 21st century America, where we are constantly under the thumb of clueless government officials who get to use power without any thoughtContinue Reading

The naive view that politics is the way to serve people

A big part of the statist propaganda effort in America has been to convince people that politics is the way to serve the interests of people, while activity in the private sector is just motivated by selfishness. In the letter below, Don Boudreaux responds to an individual who has fallen under that spell: 1 JanuaryContinue Reading

Americans For Prosperity group launches new Hagan ad

As the new year dawns, Americans For Prosperity has launched another television ad targeting U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., on Obamacare.

Dispatches from the campaign trail, Jan. 2, 2014

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first installment of campaign trail reports for 2014. This signals the third consecutive election cycle Carolina Journal will provide political news from election races involving North Carolina candidates, campaigns, and events. Be sure to bookmark The Locker Room and check in every weekday morning for the latest — andContinue Reading

NR tackles the minimum wage debate

Echoing Roy Cordato’s language about a “cruel hoax,” the latest issue of National Review features a short article panning President Obama’s proposal to address income inequality by raising the government-mandated federal minimum wage to $9 per hour. A higher minimum wage is a cruel sentence of unemployment for young and low-skilled workers, for whom theContinue Reading