Anyone heard from AdvancED?

In 2010, accrediting group AdvancED, the parent organization of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, initiated a review of Wake County Board of Education policies.  The NC chapter of the NAACP complained that the center-right board majority wanted to resegregate Wake County’s public schools, which was enough to prompt an investigation by AdvancED.

Now, a center-left majority board tossed out its African-American chairman, Keith Sutton, in a vote that went along racial lines.  Many African-American leaders in Wake County are angered by the decision.

Has Mark Elgart, President and CEO, AdvancED, deployed a Special Review Team yet?  If not, I would like to know when he plans to do so.

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  1. Wow…. that story’s a pretty telling indicator about the absurdity of the N&O’s reporting, the validity of these “community groups”, and the absolutely revolting and harmful impact of identity politics.

    I see he was rejected 7-2, which seems pretty one-sided, and on the surface, it sounds like the board members gave some perfectly valid reasoning. Yet the N&O and these “community groups”, true to form, give short thrift to a fairly unremarkable event in favor of some over-the-top sensational race-baiting, and I guess in their view it begs the trite observation that “Sutton didnt get support from any of the board’s white members”.

    Excuse me? There’s 9 members on that board, 7 of them are white… and they’re ALL potential racists because the guy rejected happens to be black? “That” is where their minds go first? Yikes…

    And I gotta wonder, if it “was” completely a non-race motivated decision and they decided they just didnt want to unnecessarily malign the dude and drag him through the mud…how exactly would that vote have looked any different?

    And, just supposing that race is one of your reactions and we’ll say thats “reasonable”… why does the concern so readily get directed at the 7 people who rejected Mr. Sutton, and not to the lone person who sided with him? Is it even considered a possibility that this single individual might be offering her support because she and Sutton share a skin color? Considering all the racism these race-based community groups and race-based newspapers are tossing about, I think it might be worth the question if you’re gonna write all that mess about the other board members…

    So, is the assumption then that such a rationale is expected? Or admirable? Are they denying it as a possibility? It seems there’s also an underlying assumption in that story, with all those quotes from the race-based groups, that perhaps these 7 white people were supposed to give Mr. Sutton additional consideration because of the color of his skin?

    What about the supposed ideals of judging people by the content of their character (ie, merit) instead of an irrelevant thing like skin color? Considering this is a school board, involved with teaching children, I find the lack of those values being present as very disturbing.

    “Keith was a good symbol for the African American community and brought about an increased hope,” said Wake County Commissioner James West…”

    A good symbol? That sure sounds like code for keeping someone around based on the color of his skin. Is that really the message Mr. West is trying to convey? That people should receive special treatment, in any part, because of the color of their skin?

    And what about Mr. Michaels of The Carolinian… is he really suggesting “members of the African-American community” are due some sort of racial kickbacks? Or that their views cannot be properly represented by someone of a different race?

    Man, reverse racism is pretty ugly and harmful too, and most everyone in that article is just shameful and pitiful, and I’m embarrassed for them, since they dont seem to have the sense to be.

    Comment by Atnor on December 12, 2013 at 8:52 pm

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