Krugman tries again to deceive people

For many years now, Paul Krugman has been using his NYT platform to act as a propagandist for every sort of “progressive” (that is, authoritarian, redistributive) policy that the Democrats want to shove down our throats. In this piece, a serious economist, John Goodman, calls him out on a blatantly false piece in which he said that Obamacare was causing health care costs to decline.

Krugman has become the Baghdad Bob of the Obama regime.


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  1. Shove down your throats? Oh, you mean like what the NC GOP did to NC in 2013? What’s the difference George?

    I don’t get your religious fervor for Conservatism. It’s somewhat scary.

    Comment by Pops on December 9, 2013 at 9:47 pm

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