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Obamacare has reduced healthcare spending? Explain this.

? From John Goodman at NCPA.  

The impact of Christmas tree production on the N.C. economy

North Carolina is the nation’s second-largest producer of Christmas trees. Sarah Curry offered that fact and many others during a presentation today to the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society about the Christmas tree industry in the Tar Heel State. In the video clip below, Curry discusses the process that led to the Fraser fir’s emergenceContinue Reading

Astonishing police misconduct, but who cares?

Cato Institute publishes each month its worst case of police misconduct and you can (and should!) read about this month’s case in this post. Obama’s Department of Justice never does a thing about such misconduct. Back when Obama was first elected, I knew he’d push a statist agenda, but had the notion that he mightContinue Reading

Running The Numbers

Within the first month of open enrollment (October 1 – November 2), 1,662 North Carolinians were able to complete the enrollment process through the federal health insurance exchange website, healthcare.gov.  While some of these individuals have paid their first month’s premium, others have selected a plan but still have yet to pay.  According to the DepartmentContinue Reading

Krugman tries again to deceive people

For many years now, Paul Krugman has been using his NYT platform to act as a propagandist for every sort of “progressive” (that is, authoritarian, redistributive) policy that the Democrats want to shove down our throats. In this piece, a serious economist, John Goodman, calls him out on a blatantly false piece in which he saidContinue Reading

Lone Participants On NC Health Exchange

Many are probably aware that Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Coventry Health Care of the Carolinas are the lone participants on North Carolina’s federally-facilitated health insurance exchange.  While a total of 51 qualified health plans will be offered on the state’s federal marketplace, the number of available plans will vary across the state’s 16 different rating areas. Continue Reading

Intelligent thoughts about inequality

Obama is going around the country (at our expense) blathering away about the horrible income inequality in the US and, naturally, proposing more statism as the answer. In this piece, columnist Timothy Carney offers some intelligent thoughts on the same subject. He argues that inequality is not a problem when it comes from individual effort,Continue Reading

Political philosophy in three dimensions

The old left — right one dimensional approach to political philosophy was terrible, but for a long time it was all that existed. Then David Nolan improved upon it enormously by suggesting that a two dimensional analysis would be far better, evaluating people on their views regarding both personal liberty and economic freedom. (Although IContinue Reading