This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

North Carolina legislators adopted a number of reforms in 2013 favored by conservative icons such as Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and Milton Friedman. John Hood discusses those reforms during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio.

Sarah Curry discusses her recent research into North Carolina’s state government spending growth, while Roy Cordato critiques N.C. Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker’s comments about the state’s need to provide targeted tax incentives to seal major economic development deals.

You’ll hear a defense of free-market principles from the Rev. Robert Sirico, head of the Acton Institute. And you’ll hear highlights from a legislative debate about a recent trip to Colorado designed to highlight one county’s approach to a range of school-choice options.

Mitch Kokai / Senior Political Analyst

Mitch Kokai is senior political analyst for the John Locke Foundation. He joined JLF in December 2005 as director of communications. That followed more than four years as chie...

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