Fund probes the president’s gamble on young people

John Fund explains for National Review Online readers why President Obama seems to have made a bad bet on young people supporting his health care scheme.

Here’s Obama aiming his comments at young people this Wednesday: “The product is good. It’s affordable. This is a big deal, to quote Joe Biden. And if you’re a student-body president, set up a conference on campus. If you’re a bartender, have a happy hour.”

But it’s the president who may need a drink after viewing the latest poll numbers on young people’s attitudes towards Obamacare. At the heart of the health-care law is the following premise: Enough young and healthy people will sign up for new health insurance through the government’s excuse for a website to provide enough income for insurance companies so the planned subsidies to older and sicker uninsured people can keep flowing. …

… Obama’s most pressing problem is that young people aren’t buying into his sales pitch. A new Harvard University Institute of Politics poll of those under 30 years of age has devastating news for Obamacare.

Only 29 percent of uninsured young people say they will definitely (13 percent) or likely (16 percent) enroll in new plans via the exchanges. Despite an avalanche of public-service ads, thousands of “navigators” — glorified sales reps — recruited from Obama-friendly nonprofits, and numerous celebrity endorsements, the product isn’t moving.

The Harvard study found that the president’s job approval among young people is down to 41 percent. A full 57 percent of young people now oppose Obamacare, with those believing it will lower the quality of health care outnumbering those who think it will improve the quality by more than two to one.


  1. With the massive negative PR campaign waged by the GOP over the past year, is it any wonder poll numbers are down?

    And frankly, polls mean squat.

    Look for hard data. Look at the number of young people in California who have signed up for the ACA. Project those numbers nationally, and there are more than enough young people who will sign up for health insurance.

    You guys are such slaves to your ideology.

    Comment by Pops on December 6, 2013 at 9:07 am

  2. Your ideology only produces slaves. The best example of a thriving Socialist ecosystem is Tara from ‘Gone with the Wind’.

    Comment by Skyler the Weird on December 6, 2013 at 4:14 pm

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