Daily Archives: December 5, 2013

BCBS NC Receives Approval to Extend “Subpar” Individual Health Plans

On November 14th, President Obama announced that people who liked their individual health insurance plans could keep them for just one more year.  Originally, roughly 473,000 North Carolinians received cancelation notices in the mail because their existing plans did not comply with Obamacare’s minimum health insurance requirements. Before Thanksgiving, Blue Cross and Blue Shield ofContinue Reading

Is there any defense for Wal-mart?

The retail giant has lots of ferocious enemies, but economics prof Steve Horwitz defends it here. The issue I find most interesting is unionization. Horwitz writes that this issue raises some questions for libertarians because it implicates right to work laws. I don’t agree. The issue has nothing to do with state laws against compulsory unionism.Continue Reading

A warning from a Canadian

Canadian writer Gregory Cummings gives us warning here against the politicization of medical care, which has led to long waiting lines and overconsumption in his country. What we need is a freed market in health insurance and medical care, not a great leap forward into further socialization.

Obamacare and unintended consequences

Economics professor Sandy Ikeda observes that there will be plenty of bad ones in this Freeman article. Government policies meant to reduce insecurity tend to increase it for many people, and that then creates the apparent need for still more government meddling.

Study lists districts that have the best and worst teachers

The October 2013 draft report, “The Distribution of Teacher Value Added in North Carolina” (PDF) by Douglas L. Lauen, Gary T. Henry, Roderick A. Rose, and Karen Phelan Kozlowski of the Carolina Institute for Public Policy at UNC-CH found that the following school districts had the best teachers, as measured by value-added scores: Ashe CountyContinue Reading

Today is a big day for the automated cashier movement

There apparently will be a huge national protest in favor of more automated cashiers in fast-food restaurants. A hundred cities, including Raleigh and Durham, will feature in this coordinated campaign. The most ingenious part of the campaign is convincing workers whose jobs will be obsoleted by the kiosks to demand that they be priced outContinue Reading

Media fails to question report that was completely different last month

Whenever you read a story about the latest teacher turnover report – and there are quite of few of them out there – remember one fact.  The NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) released a teacher turnover report last month that was completely different than the one released this month.  As I wrote earlier thisContinue Reading

Noonan asks why the president didn’t pay attention to Obamacare’s implementation

Peggy Noonan‘s latest Wall Street Journal column explores the notion of President Obama’s apparent disinterest in the functional operation of his signature health care legislation. It’s a shock for most people that it’s a shambles. A fellow very friendly to the administration, a longtime supporter, cornered me at a holiday party recently to ask, withContinue Reading