Is the “Affordable Care Act” just a rerun of “managed care”?

MainStreet writer Michael Tremoglie argues here that the hilariously misnamed “Affordable Care Act” (makes you wonder if Lenin’s collectivization of agriculture in the Soviet Union was preceded by something like “The Affordable Food Act”) is just a return to the unpopular managed care of 25 years ago.

Yes, but worse, given all the unintended bad side effects of this snake oil.

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  1. George, you do realize that the central component of the ACA is healthcare mandates. And the idea for the mandates came from the Heritage Foundation in the early 1990s as a free market approach to health care.

    Please tell me you are not so blind to facts that you can actually admit this much.

    Your analogy to the USSR is just plain ridiculous. Show me one aspect—JUST ONE—of the ACA that is communistic?

    And how the heck do you know it is not going to be affordable? You do realize that most people haven’t even signed up for it yet, right?

    Snake oil? You sell it every day my friend to your fellow conservatives who refuse to leave your intellectual vacuums.

    Comment by Pops on December 3, 2013 at 4:53 pm

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