Daily Archives: December 2, 2013

More NC companies qualify for corporate welfare

More corporate welfare is in the offing for companies calling North Carolina home. Back in November, a couple of companies announced expansion and relocation plans that drew the attention of grant-makers. Teleflex Inc. announced plans to create 75 new jobs by relocating its existing operations from Research Triangle Park to a new facility in Morrisville.Continue Reading

Cyber Monday expected to be largest shopping day this season

The turkey is finished and all the relatives have gone home.  We are all familiar with the Black Friday retail shopping and the ridiculous hours stores are open on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but in recent years another shopping holiday has been created, Cyber Monday.  Beginning during the 2005 holiday season, the term was coinedContinue Reading

The ‘Power of Glamour’ in politics

Glamour can play an important role in the world of politics and public policy — for good or ill. Virginia Postrel, author of The Power of Glamour, discussed the intersection of glamour and politics during a presentation today for the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society. In the video clip below, Postrel discusses the glamour associatedContinue Reading

GOP strategist urges colleagues to avoid too much gloating over HealthCare.gov debacle

Republican political consultant Mike Murphy‘s latest column in TIME urges fellow GOP partisans to look beyond the short-term benefits associated with the Obamacare website’s well-documented failures. Without even buying a ticket, the GOP has won the Powerball of politics. But in our happy delirium, we Republicans should be brutally honest with ourselves. Democrats are flailingContinue Reading

Let’s hope Charlotte City Council reads this

Given their propensity for throwing taxpayer dollars at the Carolina Panthers, members of the Charlotte City Council ought to read a brief article in the latest TIME magazine titled “Loser’s Game.” Local officials have always had a weakness for pro sports teams, and those in Cobb County, Georgia, are no exception. The Atlanta Braves madeContinue Reading

HealthCare.gov designers could have learned some good lessons … from cybercriminals

Gregory Millman of Risk & Compliance Journal offers Barron’s readers a thought-provoking column about one group that could have served as a useful model for the designers of the troubled HealthCare.gov site. The woes of Healthcare.gov have just begun. Among other ills, the tangled computer systems are also vulnerable to hacking, and experts say fakeContinue Reading

The negative impact of African aid

Anyone who remembers William Easterly‘s 2009 Pope Lecture at N.C. State University will find nothing surprising about the latest Barron’s cover story, in which Paul Theroux discusses the problems caused by various schemes to provide aid to Africa. Never have so many people, so many agencies, so many stratagems, so much money been deployed toContinue Reading

Barron’s D.C. man believes Congress might actually do something

While Jim McTague of Barron’s seems to place too much value on the notion of Congress “doing something” — even if that “something” has long-term, unintended negative consequences — his latest column does offer some interesting ideas. Chore No. 1 on their to-do-nothing list is the adoption of a bipartisan budget accord to replace theContinue Reading