Monthly Archives: December 2013

The long history of IRS abuses

In this Future of Freedom piece, James Bovard examines the long history of abuse of power by the IRS. Ever since the 1920s, it has been used (sometimes on its own initiative) to attack people and organizations that aren’t on board with the big government/progressive agenda. Imagine how much better off the nation would beContinue Reading

Leef’s Forbes column suggests new year’s resolutions for President Obama

George Leef uses his latest contribution to Forbes as a vehicle for suggesting some helpful steps President Obama could take in 2014. Dear President Obama, Face it — 2013 was terrible for you. If it were a baseball game, you’re like the starter who is getting shelled, alternating between wild pitches and ones that getContinue Reading

PolitiFact’s ‘evolution’ on the big Obamacare lie

Avik Roy documents for Forbes readers how “the self-appointed guardians of truth and justice” at PolitiFact changed their tune about President Obama’s now laughable claim that those who liked their pre-Obamacare health insurance plans could keep them. [I]n its article detailing why the President’s promise was a lie, PolitiFact neglected to mention an essential detail.Continue Reading

Postrel explains what President Obama has in common with a cellophane candy wrapper

If you enjoyed one of Virginia Postrel’s recent North Carolina presentations on the power of glamour, you might like her latest article for Reason magazine. For the novelist Yiyun Li, then a child in 1970s China, the glamour of American life emanated from a Western candy wrapper, the prize of her collection: “It was madeContinue Reading

Carney catalogues 2013′s worst political arguments

Timothy Carney of the Washington Examiner looks beyond the standard “fallacies, sophistries, oversimplifications, and utter absurdities” to detail 2013′s worst political arguments. “If we can save only one life…” The demagoguery started early in 2013, as Democrats tried to push gun-control laws in the wake of the December 2012 school shooting in Newtown, Conn. TheContinue Reading

Humorist Barry will not miss 2013

Dave Barry explains for Washington Post Magazine readers why he is dubbing 2013 the “year of the zombies.” Not in the sense of most of humanity dying from a horrible plague and then reanimating as mindless flesh-eating ghouls. No, it was much worse than that. Because as bad as a zombie apocalypse would be, atContinue Reading

The Republicans aren’t blocking any “fixes” to Obamacare

I don’t have much admiration for the Republican leadership in Congress, but it’s just another of the bodyguard of lies that serves to protect Obama and his statist project to blame Republicans for blocking necessary fixes to this “law.” Hans Bader explains in great detail here.

Washington’s “bottomless well of bad arguments”

Timothy Carney writes about three logically deficient arguments we heard a lot in 2013 in this piece, and warns that, alas, there is a bottomless well of similar arguments that politicians will use next year and the next.