Drawing the wrong conclusion X — the what else is threatening Obamacare edition

Media reports on the many, many problems caused by Obamacare are invariably written from the perspective of how the problem affects the political viability of the new health care law and the politicians behind it. Not how the law’s problems impact the patients, the sick, the consumers, the millions upon millions of American people forced to interact with this nightmare of a system upon whose theoretical “workability” hinges their future health outcomes, even in too many instances their very lives — but how they affect the political viability of the new health care law and the politicians behind it, who you may recall saw to it that the same law didn’t apply to them.

The Guardian (UK) reports on a new threat against Obamacare — state GOP lawmakers. (This article takes great pains not to mention the law’s biggest existential threat, that of being a colossal failure like drinking New Coke in an Edsel on the Titanic after investing with Charles Ponzi and planning a winter invasion of Russia.)

It includes this quote from “Wendell Potter, a former health insurance executive and critic of the health industry”:

You cannot build the healthcare system based on the free market unless —

Unless what? Unless what?

— you have subsidies.

You cannot have a free market unless you have … subsidies.


Edited to add: That is definitely a candidate for the Adynata department.

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