The real social divide

Myron Magnet of the Manhattan Institute has a razor-sharp piece in City Journal on the blatherings of Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio, who says that New York is divided between the rich and the poor. Magnet responds that the real divide is between those who work to produce goods and services and are taxed, and those people who consume the taxes paid by producers.

That is not only true in New York. It’s true throughout the world. The tax consumers have created a great mythology to defend their predations against the productive sector. Last year, Barack Obama relied on it in his famous “you didn’t build that” line that was meant to appeal to the envy of his tax-consuming base.

Reader Comments

  • WmarkW

    The Left used to mean Labor (wage earners), and the Right was Management (investors). Now that the Left defined by tax consumers, people who earn their living through wages or salary no longer have a political champion who puts their interests first. Instead, both parties claim to advocate for jobs, but mostly by saying that the other party is worse. Working Americans don’t believe their interests align with tax cuts for the rich, any more than with Obamacare.