Daily Archives: February 19, 2013

White House unclear about the scope of preschool proposal

The White House Blog has a post titled “What You Need to Know About President Obama’s Plan to Provide High-Quality Early Education for All Children.”  Frankly, the blog post does not provide what we need to know about President Obama’s preschool plan.  Specifically, it is not clear who will be eligible to receive this newContinue Reading


So part of me thinks this is really cool and kinda wants to apply for a grant myself.  Or maybe move to Pittsburgh so that I can ride on this one.  But seriously?  A $100,000 grant from the Department of Homeland Security for the city to buy a hovercraft?  The city of Pittsburgh has appliedContinue Reading

State of the State on Education

If you missed Governor McCrory’s State of the State address last night, Terry Stoops helpfully outlines it’s major education proposals in his newsletter today.  Vocational education, the Education Cabinet, and the lottery all get a mention.

N.C. Court of Appeals sides with Richmond County schools in funding dispute with state

A unanimous three-judge panel of the N.C. Court of Appeals has affirmed a May 2012 trial court ruling favoring the Richmond County Board of Education in its fight with state officials over a funding source. The school system is challenging a 2011 law that creates a new $50 fee connected with “a conviction of anContinue Reading

N.C. Court of Appeals reverses trial court in ‘bag of bones’ case

A unanimous three-judge panel of the N.C. Court of Appeals has overturned a lower-court ruling dismissing murder charges in a bizarre Durham County case involving a bag of bones. Today’s ruling means prosecutors can proceed with first-degree murder charges against Michael Dorman, who’s accused of killing a prostitute and then carrying her remains in hisContinue Reading

What’s wrong with universal pre-K?

Among the many distractions from America’s real problems Obama resorted to in his State of the Union was the idea that the country needs all little kids in pre-K programs. Emeritus professor of political science Robert Weissberg lampoons that idea in this American Thinker piece. He argues that it’s a Trojan Horse for a bunchContinue Reading

Shlaes highlights the Coolidge approach to taxes and spending

Amity Shlaes shares with Wall Street Journal readers some lessons she’s gleaned from research into her latest biography subject: Calvin Coolidge. The president understood that ambitious budget cuts would be accepted if he could “align” them with ambitious tax cuts. The press wondered how two such taciturn men as Coolidge and his Treasury secretary, AndrewContinue Reading

Distracting people from the government’s real problems

Fred Barnes recounts in his latest Weekly Standard article how President Obama continually unveils new government programs to distract voters from the real issues. If programs lifted from the liberal book of dreams are enacted, Obama and his allies will be thrilled. If conservatives—congressional Republicans in this case—block those programs, that’s fine too. Democrats canContinue Reading