Daily Archives: February 18, 2013

The State of the State in real time

I’ve collected a healthy sampling of our tweets at JLF’s new Storify site. Be sure to click the “next page” link to get the whole story. Enjoy!

McCrory’s 3 E’s

Tonight Governor McCrory gave his first State of the State address, making known his administration’s three areas of focus: Economy, Education and Efficiency of services.  With regards to spending and budget items, McCrory made clear the forecast revenue numbers are not as high as some expected, thus there will be no new money spent thisContinue Reading

Common Core = Control

Robert Scott, former Texas Commissioner of Education, testified before a committee of the Georgia General Assembly earlier this month. Part one of his testimony, details his experience and knowledge regarding Common Core. It was then that I realized that this initiative which had  been constantly portrayed as state-led and voluntary was really about control. ItContinue Reading

Live-tweeting the State of the State Address

Gov. Pat McCrory will deliver his first State of the State Address this evening at 7, and various John Locke Foundation/Carolina Journal staffers will offer live commentary and reactions on their Twitter feeds. To stay up on the action, be sure to follow: • Dr. Roy Cordato, vice president of research and resident scholar @RoyCordatoContinue Reading

JLF president highlights key elements of ‘First In Freedom’ book

North Carolina’s new Republican governor and its GOP-led General Assembly are considering major reforms this year in taxation, education, regulation, and other major policy issues. The John Locke Foundation offers some suggestions for those reform discussions in the new book First In Freedom: Transforming Ideas Into Consequences for North Carolina. John Hood discussed key themesContinue Reading

Budget Crunch and Big Business

Winston-Salem is facing a significant budget shortfall, but simultaneously giving out large sums of money to big multi-nationals.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense.  In today’s Fiscal Update, Sarah Curry explains what’s going on in Forsyth County.

Dependency by design

Wendy McElroy writes here about the burgeoning Food Stamp program, which has become just another way for politicians to buy votes with other people’s money.

Maybe one day media money and editorial sections will agree

There’s a disconnect between the money sections and editorial sections of most media outlets. The money sections like to print helpful articles on helping people stretch their scarce dollars and warning against the pain of higher prices on necessities. The editorial sections favor policies that confiscate those dollars and create that pain. I wrote aboutContinue Reading