Daily Archives: February 12, 2013

No Recovery Here

I don’t know how you define “economic recovery.”  And I don’t know what you would describe as “strong,” an adjective I’m sure the president will use tonight to describe the state of the union.  But I can’t imagine that a nearly 50% increase in the numbers of Americans on food stamps since Obama entered officeContinue Reading

State of the Union & Education

According to an Education Week’s article, President Obama’s speech tonight will touch on a few education issues. Obama’s trip to Georgia on Thursday to an early-childhood education program, and Susan Bumgarner, an early childhood educator, sitting with Michelle, are signs of policy proposals for early-childhood education. Some continue to encourage our “Nanny State” to provideContinue Reading

What the poor pay for electricity

As I did last week in discussing SB 3 and CWIP, I have frequently discussed how higher electricity prices disproportionately affect the poor. A state policy (which, alas, comes on the heels of a national policy) of deliberately raising energy prices on the poor runs counter to good economics and a former understanding that lowerContinue Reading

Response to a Response on Public School Personnel Numbers

A couple weeks ago, Terry Stoops wrote a blog post entitled “Eeeeeevil Republicans fund over 3,000 more public school jobs in 2012-13,” which looked at personnel numbers in North Carolina public schools over the last three years.  The data were pretty straightforward: jobs in NC’s public schools have increased. Not everyone was happy about theContinue Reading

Americans for Prosperity’s national president, state director discuss top issues in Washington, Raleigh

Americans for Prosperity’s North Carolina chapter welcomed national president Tim Phillips to Raleigh for a series of events including a 40-minute lunch program at the John Locke Foundation office. Phillips urged AFP activists to help ensure conservatives in North Carolina’s congressional delegation continue to fight for restraints on federal government spending. His remarks were tiedContinue Reading

“Unprincipled partisan hacks”

That’s how Glenn Greenwald describes all the Democrats and “progressives” who loathed Bush for asserting vast executive powers but now say, “Oh, we trust you!” when Obama goes even further. It’s obviously a tribal mindset — whatever your side does is bad, but whatever our side does is good. A very few leftists are unhappyContinue Reading

UPDATE: McCrory: No Obamacare-related Medicaid expansion (or state exchanges) any time soon

That’s the message from the governor in this morning’s announcement. Some highlights: 1) In light of recent Medicaid audits, the current system in North Carolina is broken and not ready to expand without great risk to the taxpayers and to the delivery of existing services to those in need. We must first fix and reformContinue Reading

The Internet Sweepstakes Two-Step

My colleague Rick Henderson’s column on sweepstakes cafes is well worth a read today. Here’s a snippet: I’m not here to preach against gambling, or to call for an end to the sweepstakes business. Plenty of other risky forms of entertainment are legal, too — including many extreme sports and physical contests — and shouldContinue Reading