Daily Archives: February 6, 2013

More End of Course Test Propaganda

In today’s environmental newsletter, Roy Cordato continues his series on End of Course Test questions in Biology that actually have little to do with science and everything to do with pushing a political agenda.  Read the latest here.

Federalist Society hosts debate over photo identification for voters in North Carolina

The Republican-led General Assembly has signaled interest in pursuing again this year a photo identification requirement for voters, an idea John Hood discussed in detail late last year. The Federalist Society sponsored a debate on the topic today featuring John Fund, national affairs columnist for National Review; Bob Hall, executive director of Democracy North Carolina;Continue Reading

Public School Job Numbers

You may not have heard, but employment numbers in North Carolina’s public schools have increased.  That’s right.  You read that correctly.  Despite what the media may have led you to believe, the Republican legislature over recent years has actually increased the number of teachers and other employees in North Carolina’s Schools.  Terry Stoops breaks downContinue Reading

New at CJO: Gun-rights rally attracts legislators’ attention

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online about Tuesday’s gun-rights rally outside the state Legislative Building.

Anthropology made me do it

That’s essentially the argument made by the defendant in the case discussed in this story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The defendant, a student a West Georgia College, says that his mind was blank at the time he shot and killed the white students, but that he decided to buy the gun because his anthropology studiesContinue Reading

Could Amazon Coins compete with Bernanke bucks?

Ira Stoll writes here about the intriguing prospect of using Amazon Coins, a medium of exchange produced by Amazon.com, as an alternative to the money that is legal tender — federal “dollars.” Stoll mentions the unconscionable prosecution of Bernard von NotHaus for the alleged crime of producing silver coins (the US attorney responsible for thatContinue Reading

JLF education expert offers ‘nuts-and-bolts’ guide to school choice options for North Carolina

In the past two years, state lawmakers have lifted an arbitrary cap on the number of charter schools in North Carolina. They’ve also created new education tax credits for parents of children with special education needs. One of Terry Stoops’ chapters in the new John Locke Foundation book First In Freedom demonstrates that lawmakers couldContinue Reading

AEI scholar highlights both sides of the debate over breaking up big banks

James Pethokoukis of he American Enterprise Institute, a supporter of proposals to break up the nation’s largest banks, nonetheless devotes part of his latest column to exposing readers to an alternative viewpoint. The argument for breaking up megabanks, restructuring them, or capping their size is this: Bigness plus bailouts have created what British bank regulatorContinue Reading