Daily Archives: February 4, 2013

NC to Congress: Hey, you don’t have to legalize weed to tax it

The Drudge Report has this AP article up under the headline “FEDS MAY TAX POT,” which opens with the lede “An effort is building in Congress to change U.S. marijuana laws, including moves to legalize the industrial production of hemp and establish a hefty federal pot tax.” Way back in 1990, North Carolina moved toContinue Reading

NC Zoo and State Bureaucracy

In today’s News and Record, there’s a fascinating article about the North Carolina Zoo and its problems with state bureaucracy.  The zoo wants to move to a public/private partnership model, much like many other zoos across the country.  The model would free the zoo from a lot of the red tape that slows down itsContinue Reading

UNC system has a new strategic plan

In today’s Pope Center piece, Jenna Ashley Robinson writes about the new strategic plan for the UNC system. She thinks that it’s better than the last plan, but is nevertheless flawed. Especially bad is the absurd goal of having 32 percent of NC workers holding college degrees. That makes no sense at all. Individuals willContinue Reading

N.C. State economist analyzes the impact of right-to-work laws on states’ economies

North Carolina’s status as a right-to-work state has attracted quite a bit of attention recently, especially with discussion about the possibility of enshrining right-to-work status in the state Constitution. N.C. State University economist Walter Wessels offers no thoughts about that political decision, but Wessels did share with the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society today hisContinue Reading

2012 11th coldest year on record for Alaska

As I noted here, there was a lot of hype last month over the fact that in the lower 48 states (2% of the global land mass) 2012 was the warmest year in the 95 year land based temperature record. We also noted that globally 2012 was only the 11th warmest year since 1979 basedContinue Reading

Don’t die in N.C. (at least not yet)

In an article titled, “Where Not To Die in 2013,” Forbes magazine lists the 21 states with either inheritance taxes, death taxes, or both. North Carolina’s one of them. This interactive map lets you see where the rates are highest and the exemptions lowest. From an initial glance, N.C. looks like it’s in the middleContinue Reading

JLF urges N.C. policymakers to say no to Medicaid expansion and a state-run health insurance exchange

The N.C. Senate is scheduled to vote as early as this evening on Senate Bill 4, the bill that would reject the Medicaid expansion and state-run health insurance exchange linked to the 2010 federal health care reform law. If senators need a reminder of why both decisions make sense for North Carolina, they can readContinue Reading

Even Jerry Brown worries about the impact of federal government policies

Jim McTague devotes his latest “D.C. Current” column in Barron’s to the Democratic California governor’s concerns about the likely impact of Obama administration policies. Up to Election Day, Brown was cheerleading loudly for President Barack Obama, architect of the ever-expanding welfare state. Now California’s governor is warning his citizens that it takes lots of doughContinue Reading