Daily Archives: February 1, 2013

EPA Quotas

Here we go.  Again. Last year, the EPA set a rather bizarre quota for oil companies.  The quota was related to the amount of cellulosic biofuel – essentially fuel made from grasses – that oil refiners were expected to blend, increasing use of this renewable fuel.  Now, I don’t like these kinds of quotas atContinue Reading

Stossel: No Regulation? No Problem!

“Consider this,” John Stossel writes: An entire sector of the economy operates almost entirely without government controls. Complete strangers exchange big money there every day. It’s the Internet. It does have regulation, just not government regulation. Stossel goes on to explain how PayPal, eBay, Wikipedia, and other sites managed to create effective fraud-detection and otherContinue Reading

The central planning, corporate welfare mentality continues

The press release below was sent out by the Governor’s office yesterday. It boasts that the Commerce Department is about to organize a $220,000 coercive wealth transfer [my language not the press release’s]  from the taxpayers of North Carolina to a private company called bioMerieux as a payoff [again my language] for expanding its operationsContinue Reading

New at CJO: McCrory jobs announcement resembles latest CJ parody

Did a French company really decide to make a $48 million investment in Durham because Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration promised a $220,000 grant? If it seems more likely to you that the McCrory administration’s first economic incentives announcement resembles the questionable claims churned out regularly by the Perdue administration, you might appreciate the latest CarolinaContinue Reading

NCGA Session underway. Everybody happy?

Feeling testy about tax reform?  Want to bitch about the budget?  Seeing red over regulations?  Salivating over school choice? Don’t just sit there. Contact your legislator. Let them know how you feel. What’s the most effective way to let your voice be heard? At a NCPLA meeting earlier this week NC House Speaker Pro Tempore,Continue Reading

New at CJO: Committee vote moves unemployment insurance reform closer to reality

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online about the N.C. House committee vote to advance an unemployment insurance reform measure.

Eeeeeevil Republicans fund over 3,000 more public school jobs in 2012-13

According to figures released this morning by the NC Department of Public Instruction, the state’s public schools added 3,198 state-funded education jobs this year and 7,811 jobs since Republicans became the majority in the NC General Assembly. As you can see from the table below, Republican legislators made good on their promise to 1) curbContinue Reading

An antidote for the Obamacare media blitz

Daniel Kessler warns us in the Wall Street Journal that the federal Department of Health and Human Services is preparing to spend millions of dollars to promote the 2010 federal health care reform law. Before you’re inundated with spin about the merits of Obamacare, Kessler reminds us about some sobering facts. In the face ofContinue Reading