Daily Archives: February 1, 2013

Here We Go Again

Schools are already fearing the state will underfund them. That’s funny. I seem to recall posting lots of weird uses of state money on this site through the years, and I only cover a portion of the state and a limited amount of news. That’s not to say the schools always make the best useContinue Reading

Not Very Helpful

Seventy years ago, the federal government promised to pay Swain County $52 million for creating Fontana Lake on top of potentially taxable land. They got around to paying $12.8 million in 2010, and they promised another $4 million last year; but due to what was apparently an unintentional omission, the amount, included in two otherContinue Reading

Not News

Tryon’s ABC store is struggling financially.

Facebook: Panthers not so popular

Facebook has put out a map showing the most “liked” NFL team for each county in the U.S based upon the “likes” for pages on its website. I knew that are were a lot of Dallas Cowboy and Pittsburgh Steeler fans out there, but didn’t realize that one or the other is the most likedContinue Reading

ACC tournmanet in NYC?

ESPN reports that the Atlantic Coast Conference is looking into holding its men’s basketball tournament in New York City in response to its changing membership. Greensboro hosts the tournament through 2015 but the conference is now looking for sites for 2016 through 2021. In addition to the Big Apple, Atlanta (Philips Arena), Charlotte, Greensboro, Tampa,Continue Reading

EPA Quotas

Here we go.  Again. Last year, the EPA set a rather bizarre quota for oil companies.  The quota was related to the amount of cellulosic biofuel – essentially fuel made from grasses – that oil refiners were expected to blend, increasing use of this renewable fuel.  Now, I don’t like these kinds of quotas atContinue Reading

Stossel: No Regulation? No Problem!

“Consider this,” John Stossel writes: An entire sector of the economy operates almost entirely without government controls. Complete strangers exchange big money there every day. It’s the Internet. It does have regulation, just not government regulation. Stossel goes on to explain how PayPal, eBay, Wikipedia, and other sites managed to create effective fraud-detection and otherContinue Reading

N&O: Wake School Board Member Debra Goldman Has Moved Out Of Wake County

Republican Wake school board member Debra Goldman has reportedly left Wake County for Wilkes County, which means her days as a board member are coming to a close. Under school board policy, the remaining school board members would appoint a successor to Goldman’s seat, which expires in November. The departure of Goldman, a Republican, wouldContinue Reading