Monthly Archives: February 2013

Rucho delays airport vote to get bond answers

True to his word, state Sen. Bob Rucho, R-Mecklenburg, has pulled SB81 from the Senate calendar today. The bill would transfer operation and ownership of all assets of Charlotte-owned Charlotte-Douglas International Airport to a newly created, multi-county authority. It had been approved by both the Rules and Operations of the Senate Committee and Senate FinanceContinue Reading

Budget Revenue Projections and Reality are Significantly Different

In doing some research for JLF’s upcoming alternative to the Governor’s budget I stumbled upon some startling data.  The research division responsible with forecasting revenue numbers to be used in budget negotiations got some number extremely wrong in the wake of the ‘Great Recession’.  In November 2007 they were quoted, ” We are not concernedContinue Reading

Nixon and Obama

There seems to be a lot of comparisons being made these days between Nixon and Obama. Here’s one I haven’t heard anyone else make. Both Nixon and Obama had one and only one, what I would call, good policy accomplishment during their time in office (admittedly Obama has a few years left but I don’tContinue Reading

Game-changer in health care?

HHS’ decision in Arkansas may have interesting repercussions: Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe’s office says the state has received approval from Health and Human Services to take federal Medicaid expansion money and use it to buy private coverage for low-income residents through the state’s insurance exchange. Beebe’s idea isn’t partial expansion, which HHS has already saidContinue Reading

Who Should Replace Aldona Wos?

The names of two nominees to replace Aldona Wos on the UNC Board of governors were announced during a committee meeting yesterday at the General Assembly in Raleigh. Representative David R. Lewis (R-Harnett) nominated attorney Patrick Tilghman Pope. Pope is a partner in the Pope Law Group in Dunn, NC and once worked for U.S.Continue Reading

New at CJO: Bill targeting control of Charlotte airport moves to Senate floor

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online that a bill designed to shift control of Charlotte Douglas International Airport from the city of Charlotte to a new multicounty oversight board is moving to the N.C. Senate floor.

Jindal doesn’t buy the sequestration hype

Louisiana governor and former John Locke Foundation Headliner Bobby Jindal explains for National Review Online readers why he’s not buying into the gloom-and-doom message the Obama administration is trying to convey in advance of pending sequestration cuts. Sequestration cuts account for less than 3 percent of the federal budget, but the president would have youContinue Reading

From the ‘Who says crime doesn’t pay?’ department

The news that former N.C. House Speaker Jim Black is drawing a taxpayer-funded pension of $3,600 per month — despite a record of corruption that sent him to federal prison — brought to mind words once addressed to Black in a Wake County courtroom. For some people, the chase for power becomes an intoxicating obsession,Continue Reading