Split N.C. Supreme Court means earlier court ruling favoring ex-felon’s gun rights stands

Because of a 3-3 split among N.C. Supreme Court members (with new Justice Cheri Beasley not having taken part in the case), the Court of Appeals’ November 2011 ruling favoring an ex-felon in a gun-rights case will stand.

This forum has documented some of the key legal issues involved in the case Baysden v. State.

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Reader Comments

  • poqusin

    I would very much like to see the Legislators address this issue. There is no compelling reason to restrict this right from nonviolent felons. I’ve been trying to get my rights back for years after a felony conviction in 1985. The current law would allow me if it weren’t for the single conviction limit. As it stands it makes me a lifelong second class citizen without the right to self protection. I can’t realistically afford a full on Supreme Court challenge and while the State can easily do so. I’ve written emails to all the 2013 Senators and Representatives asking they readdress this, but I am only one citizen, I don’t have a PAC or lobby group pushing me, I have no clout, and no one really listens or cares about a felon. Most response’s I get in conversations about this is I shouldn’t have committed the crime if I wasn’t prepared for other consequences. I took full responsibility for my actions, did my time, got my rights to own a firearm back and then lost them in 2004. I’ve come full circle, including a college degree, a career, a family and put my actions of youth behind me. It’s bad enough I have to classify myself as a felon when applying for work. But to have a right restored and then stripped away is too much. What do I have to do to help join in the request to have this right restored, not only to me, but others In a similar situation?

    Kevin Harris
    [email protected]

  • Mitch Kokai

    Attorney Dan Hardway in Angier has been working on this issue. He might be able to offer some suggestions. http://www.hardwaylaw.com/