Daily Archives: January 25, 2013

McCrory chooses offshore wind. Yep.

And in so doing proves he is “as adept at picking energy sources for the state as he was at picking transportation options for Charlotte.” Friends, that’s not a good thing, as I explain in my newsletter (in which I’m also rather unfair to Wally Pipp, who was a good first baseman and in thatContinue Reading

N.C. Supreme Court reverses appellate judges in nearly $1 million marlin dispute

In a one-paragraph opinion, the N.C. Supreme Court has reversed the Court of Appeals’ ruling in a lawsuit stemming from a dispute over the top prize in the 2010 Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. Supreme Court Justices signaled that they agreed with the dissenting opinion in the split Court of Appeals ruling in the case.Continue Reading

N.C. Supreme Court reverses appellate judges in Brunswick County tax dispute

A 5-0 N.C. Supreme Court majority has reversed the Court of Appeals and ruled against Brunswick County in a tax dispute with Ocean Isle Palms LLC. Justices ruled that the county should not have reassessed Ocean Isle’s property value in 2008, one year after a countywide appraisal of property for tax purposes.

Split N.C. Supreme Court reverses earlier ruling in N.C. State professors’ spat

In a 4-2 split, the N.C. Supreme Court has reversed an Appeals Court decision and has ruled against an electrical and computer engineering professor at N.C. State University who sued his department head over an unfavorable annual review. At issue in the Supreme Court ruling was whether the department head had been sued in hisContinue Reading

Split N.C. Supreme Court means earlier court ruling favoring ex-felon’s gun rights stands

Because of a 3-3 split among N.C. Supreme Court members (with new Justice Cheri Beasley not having taken part in the case), the Court of Appeals’ November 2011 ruling favoring an ex-felon in a gun-rights case will stand. This forum has documented some of the key legal issues involved in the case Baysden v. State.

N.C. Supreme Court rules in favor of legislative leaders in redistricting dispute

The N.C. Supreme Court has ruled today that state legislative leaders did have the right to maintain certain documents from state-funded private attorneys as confidential, turning back efforts from Democrats and left-of-center advocacy groups to gain access to those documents linked to the state’s 2011 redistricting maps. Justice Barbara Jackson wrote the opinion for theContinue Reading

Wealthy people and their money

In the letter below (in today’s Wall Street Journal), the writer gets at a truth that is  ignored by politicians who want to capitalize on the ignorant idea that higher taxes on wealthy people help the poor: Amity Shlaes’s review of Robert F. Dalzell Jr.’s “The Good Rich” (Bookshelf, Jan. 16) notes its author’s myopiaContinue Reading

Another blow to housing vouchers

The Moving to Opportunity is a federal  program that “combines tenant-based rental assistance with housing counseling to help very low-income families move from poverty-stricken urban areas to low-poverty neighborhoods.”  In an analysis of the program, researchers concluded, [R]emoving children from concentrated poverty boosts their parents’ sense of well-being, but by itself doesn’t increase children’s readingContinue Reading