Daily Archives: January 24, 2013

District dumps federal school lunch regs, will lose aid

Wow! One school district has had enough! New York’s Niskayuna Central School District is severing ties with the National School Lunch program, tossing out its adherence to federal regulations for more fruits and vegetables on lunch trays. The Niskayuna Board of Education unanimously voted to terminate participation in the program, effective April 1, after aContinue Reading

I Have A Feeling Rep. Patrick McHenry Will Bring It Up

Ryan Olson points out at the Heritage Foundation blog that the agenda of this week’s World Economic Forum doesn’t include economic freedom. And that’s a problem, writes Olson. Among the members of the U.S. Congress attending is North Carolina’s Rep. Patrick McHenry (NC-10), a staunch conservative and defender of freedom. McHenry is a true believerContinue Reading

NCTQ gives NC a D+ on teacher prep

The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) just released their 2012 State Policy Yearbook.  Here is the breakdown of the grades for North Carolina: Area 1: Delivering well prepared teachers: D- Area 2: Expanding the pool of teachers: D+ Area 3: Identifying effective teachers: C- Area 4: Retaining effective teachers: C Area 5: Exiting ineffectiveContinue Reading

The cost of expanding government

As the power, scope, and cost of government expand, economic freedom shrinks. In this piece, Hans Bader of CEI writes about the latest bad news about where the US ranks compared with other nations. We’ve been falling ever since 2000 and if anything at all is clear it is that Obama’s statist agenda will keepContinue Reading

An Aquarium for Concord

Let me just start off by saying that I love aquariums.  I always have.  I’m not an animal person, and I’ve never had fish at home (apart from some goldfish when I was seven that we managed to keep alive for about two weeks).  But for some reason, I find aquariums fascinating.  Any time I’mContinue Reading


Your taxes must go up, so you might as well feel inclusive about what you’re getting in return. (No. I am not schizo. I am drawing from the PC lexicon.) Henderson County residents are invited to stop by the Fletcher Branch of the Henderson County Public Library (120 Library Road off of U.S. 25 inContinue Reading


Western Carolina University wishes to improve student retention rates. This not a measure of how much they retain in their memory, but of whether or not they complete the entire four-year college sentence. That is not to say they must be able to complete a thought with a capital letter, period, noun phrase and verbContinue Reading


Is the joblessnessmessguess rate down because more are gainfully employed as thieves?