Daily Archives: January 23, 2013

Another Sign of Economic Recovery

Following a line of questioning from Asheville’s Vice Mayor Esther Manheimer last night, it was estimated about 7000 people are housed by the Housing authority of the City of Asheville. The population of Asheville is about 80,000, and only a few of the 7000 live outside the city limits.

How to Be a Bad Fraud

Millard & Company invites the community, and especially seniors, to an educational seminar entitled “Recognizing and Avoiding Fraud” at The Tryon Depot, 22 Depot Street in Tryon at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 22. Translated, that would be: Dear fraudsters, come find out what we’re telling people to avoid so you can use other techniques.

A Snowball’s Chance

The NC DOT is coming out of the bushes to propose widening I-26 because: They mistakenly assume Ashevillians have come to their senses and will accept a widening to accommodate more automobile traffic. They wish to slush-fund pet projects, and they know Ashevillians will tie the debate up for years. In the worst possible scenario,Continue Reading

Rand Paul v. Hillary Clinton

End of Course Test Propaganda

Tests are supposed to be about assessing knowledge and evaluating learning, but Roy Cordato discusses in his newsletter today how North Carolina’s End of Course tests, and the science courses behind them, are too often becoming instruments of propaganda instead.  This “education” is a disservice to children in public schools, and we should demand better.

Bans on top of bans

Did you happen to catch the news over the weekend that 140 countries have agreed to sign a UN mercury pollution reduction treaty? Mercury is legitimately nasty stuff, and mercury poisoning can cause all sorts of brain, sensory, and kidney problems.  You know the phrase “mad as a hatter” that we still sometimes use?  Well,Continue Reading

SigRist to make Changes to NC Pensions Plan?

Well, the holidays have past and it’s time new Chief Investment Officer, Kevin SigRist, for the North Carolina Retirement Systems to start working (announced as the new CIO on December 19th, 2012).  He did a good job in Florida, he even made it through a Florida Supreme Court ruling requiring all public employees in FloridaContinue Reading

Progressive tribalism on steroids

That is what Roger Pilon calls Obama’s pathetic inaugural speech. Lots of excellent analysis.