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The Great Devourer

The most valuable thought of the week came from a spam from JLF board member Dr. Carl Mumpower. He criticized pressures to make men perceive themselves as consumers instead of producers.

Unraised Private Wages Should Subsidize Public Increase

The once lovely Town of Laurel Park spent $6500 to find out if it needed to pay its eighteen employees more. The studiers took stock of how much public-sector employees were collecting in neighboring over-paying jurisdictions. They concluded the town should expand its payroll by $73,583 to $91,163. Laurel Park employees last received a cost-of-livingContinue Reading


People aren’t buying enough booze. The Tryon ABC store was shut down for an audit in September: . . . and remains closed while the ABC board works out a plan of how to reopen. At one point, the store owed approximately $30,000. The landlord gave the store a break on rent, and the townContinue Reading

Triad water authority vs. Hagan: Back to court?

HPE reports: On Thursday, the Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority submitted a petition for rehearing to the state’s highest court in Raleigh. Last month, the Supreme Court decided not to consider an appeal by the Water Authority of local and appellate court rulings in an inverse condemnation case. Earlier in 2012, the state’s high courtContinue Reading

Re: GCS lunch program turns profit

Wonderful, I’m saying to myself as I read along. But then the shoe drops: The department also benefited from an increase in federal subsidies, which offset meal prices for poor families. About 57 percent of students qualified for free or reduced-price lunches in 2012, according to district figures. Last year, $25.7 million, or 73 percent,Continue Reading

You might be a progressive if …

… you think the only thing worse than a poor neighborhood losing a grocery store would be a poor neighborhood gaining a Wal–Mart, a Family Dollar, or a select few other stores that excel at providing goods to the poor (they’re on the list alongside Enemy Restaurants). Fortunately for Southeast Raleigh, currently unreviled IGA hasContinue Reading

Educate Your Legislators

The folks at Freedom Works are of the opinion that if enough states do not set up Obamacare exchanges, the transfer of the insurance and healthcare industries to the US government may be stoppable. I had been of a different opinion, and even if I were to waste brain cells reading the documents, I don’tContinue Reading

Count Truth among the Homeless

Freedom Works also made the astute observation that the government is firing scientists for attempting to advance the truth. That is a big reason why my scientific brain is on vacation. It didn’t go Galt, because I can’t find Atlantis. The only place people are interested in facts is in electronics. How many people areContinue Reading