Daily Archives: January 17, 2013

News Capsule

Today, the newspapers are largely reporting the latest iterations in ongoing news stories. One sign of a low-news day is reliance upon police scans to fill space. We are also getting snow in January. The fight for the District 2 Buncombe County Commissioner seat is not over. Even more boring is knowledge that the legislatureContinue Reading

General Fund – what does that mean?

When referring to the State’s budget we commonly see the term, General Fund.  Many legislators and commentators during the budgeting time use this term incorrectly, but for John Locke’s purposes (and many others) this only refers to North Carolina’s portion of the budget. On average we see NC’s portion of the state budget, the generalContinue Reading

Regulatory reform: Time for the legislature to take the reins

My latest newsletter makes the case for reversing the state’s rule-making bias, which right now heavily favors expanding regulations, including major regulations. A snippet: All those hurdles, which include the deliberative process of the legislative branch, make it extraordinarily difficult to block a proposed rule. The JLF study linked above found that, of the 6,510Continue Reading

Obama’s dismal record — unemployment high, labor-force participation low

In this post, Cato’s Dan Mitchell neatly explains the failure of Obama’s statist economic policies. He also quotes extensively from an excellent piece in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal by economics professor Richard Vedder in which the author looked at the various Obama policies that get in the way of the efficient use of labor.

Why Not Allow a Free Market in Money?

In his Freeman piece today, Larry Reed talks about the history of privately-produced money. There is no reason why government should monopolize the production of money any more than it should monopolize the production of books or shoes. At the end of the piece, you’ll find links to many related articles and reviews, including myContinue Reading

New at CJO: The contest for state Democratic Party chairman

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online about a forum showcasing contenders for the chairmanship of the N.C. Democratic Party.

If it ain’t free there’s no access

It is amazing to see how this CNN news anchor completely equates “access” with getting something for free. According to her logic, such as it is, we don’t have access to anything we have to pay for, from McDonald’s hamburgers to computers to haircuts.

Who controls the Common Core State Standards?

That is a good question.  The North Carolina State Board of Education adopted common English and math standards in 2010.  Perhaps state education leaders should have considered the issue a bit more carefully. From the Truth in American Education blog: