Daily Archives: January 16, 2013

Maybe They Need Transit

Nobody showed up for a workshop designed to collect public input on transit needs in southwestern North Carolina.

Conserving Bureaucracy

Graham County wants to begin a recycling program, but it continues to have setbacks. Early on, the truck that was to be used for hauling was damaged in an accident. Now, the only thing holding up the program is the US Forest Service. Two of three collection sites are on USFS land. In order toContinue Reading

I Know It Sounds Absurd, Please Tell Me Who I Am

Jackson County needs to find itself, and for that purpose, the newly-formed TDA has asked a Virginia company to help with branding.


In Haywood County, the DSS has concluded that churches can be helpful in filling gaps in services. The department also says it is tricky maintaining the separation of church and state when they make referrals. Perhaps somebody will suggest eliminating churches’ tax-exempt status to generate enough revenue to render the denominationally-offensive programs unnecessary.


Just Economics has determined the living wage in WNC needs to go up about 4.5% from its 2008 value. I seriously doubt anybody in that organization believes I am capable of producing $11.85/hr. But that is irrelevant to a worldview in which people get paid for being instead of contributing.

How the Panthers play the game

And by game, I mean negotiations with the city over a stadium refit. Yes, a deal which involves the city providing $125 million for Bank of America Stadium upgrades was agreed to Monday night. But check out what Erik Spanberg Carolina Business Journal reported on Monday early evening, so just before Jerry Richardson and DannyContinue Reading

I thought it might be a good day to repost this

What you haven’t heard about global warming

Roy Cordato’s environment newsletter, out today, offers some useful information about the real state of global warming that you probably won’t read anywhere else.  The picture isn’t quite what the media would have you believe.  You need to see this!