Daily Archives: January 16, 2013

I thought it might be a good day to repost this

What you haven’t heard about global warming

Roy Cordato’s environment newsletter, out today, offers some useful information about the real state of global warming that you probably won’t read anywhere else.  The picture isn’t quite what the media would have you believe.  You need to see this!

McCrory’s Education Appointments

In his education newsletter today, Terry Stoops talks about the State Board of Education and the new governors appointments to that body.  It’s a useful quick look at how those appointments work and the importance of the State Board.

Investing and Tax

Don’t miss Sarah Curry’s newletter today about changes to capital gains taxes and dividends.  It could be important for your investment accounts moving into the new year!

North Carolina Ranks 30th in Nation for Charter Schools

Today, the Center for Education Reform (CER) released the 14th annual Charter School Laws Across the States Ranking and Scorecard.  North Carolina moved up one spot in the overall ranking and earned a C- grade.  The state had low scores in two areas – independent authorizers and equal funding.  North Carolina law empowers only twoContinue Reading

Property Tax Revaluation Notices

Notices will go out in the mail to Buncombe County residents within the next week stating the property value for tax purposes.  These values are expected to show significant changes from the current valuation, set in 2006.  State law requires evaluations every 8 years, yet Buncombe County typically revalues every 4.  Why didn’t they revalueContinue Reading

Senate leader discusses tax reform, voter ID, Medicaid’s budget woes, 2014 plans

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, R-Rockingham, predicts the General Assembly will pass a tax reform measure this year, and he sees likely agreement on a voter photo identification measure as well. Berger also discussed Medicaid’s continuing budget concerns and other top legislative issues during a morning news conference previewing the 2013 legislative session. TheContinue Reading

Re: Football incentives

I just thought I’d add to our discussion of the Charlotte City Council’s closed-door, screw-you-taxpayers, cronyistic stadium deal for the Great Pro Football Franchise That Is Too Big to Fail, Except on the Field. Our City/County Issue Guide has warned against local governments “subsidizing or outright funding functions that belong to the private sector” inContinue Reading