Daily Archives: January 15, 2013

Story Problem or Problem Story?

Tonight, the Buncombe County Commissioners were thrilled with the $350,000 they were going to give to Reich, LLC. The state, through the One North Carolina Fund, was going to donate another $350,000. Knowing anybody lame enough to watch a county commissioners’ meeting probably had no mathematical aptitude, or even a grasp of conservation laws thatContinue Reading

And Then There Were Seven

The courts have decided to let Ellen Frost have the seventh seat on the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners. As of this writing, the newspapers didn’t know to what extent challenger Christina Kelley G. Merrill would continue to appeal. Frost was sworn in right after the commissioners’ open meeting tonight. The good news is sheContinue Reading

Unemployment insurance

JLF head John Hood’s column Monday was on unemployment insurance, and how higher UI benefits affect unemployment rates. A sample: Here in North Carolina, the debate about proposed changes to the unemployment-insurance system have prompted left-wing analysts to ridicule the notion that the amount and duration of UI benefits have an effect on the propensityContinue Reading

Meanwhile in Kannapolis

Little apparent payoff from the North Carolina Research Campus, on which the UNC system is spending $23 million a year. As Duke Cheston reports: To date, though, the taxpayers have seen little return on their investment. Starting a biotechnology hub from scratch entails much financial risk with no guarantee of positive returns. A number ofContinue Reading

Why a US Airways/American Airlines merger isn’t necessarily good for Charlotte

It’s really pretty simple. US Airways doesn’t currently generate the kind of revenues American, Delta, or United do. It compensates for that by having lower costs, particularly lower labor costs. A merger pushes US Airways’ portion of a newly combined operation to American Airlines’ much higher labor costs. You don’t have to take my wordContinue Reading

Re: Football incentives

Julie, what went down last night in Charlotte is far worse than you ever imagined. Charlotte City Council voted in secret to give the Carolina Panthers $125 million towards stadium upgrades. To do this, they decided to double the city’s (county’s?) prepared food tax, again via a vote in closed session. So essentially Charlotte hasContinue Reading

Charlotte City Council votes in secret to raise taxes

More details have come out about what city council did last night. It didn’t just listen to a proposal from the Carolina Panthers about public funding for improvements at the team’s privately-owned stadium. No, it went much further than that. The Charlotte Observer is now reporting that city council actually secretly voted 7-to-2 to approveContinue Reading

Why guns in the home are a good thing

Here are several cases of law-abiding citizens using the Second Amendment’s right of self-protection to protect their homes and loved ones. Most liberals ridicule the notion that you need a gun in your home, saying you’re more likely to shoot yourself or a family member. But don’t tell these women that. However, watch the finalContinue Reading