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Here in Asheville, it seems every day one acquaintance or another is losing their apartment, their phone service, work hours, their ability to buy their own groceries, etc. The media tells us we’ve been in a recovery for four years, the housing market is improving, and our heroes in Washington saved us from going overContinue Reading

Expect more battles in the 113th Congress

If you thought the 112th U.S. Congress was characterized by partisan fighting and gridlock, there’s no great reason to expect much difference from the new Congress that just started work this month. That’s the assessment of N.C. State political scientist Andrew Taylor, who previewed the 113th Congress during a presentation today for the John LockeContinue Reading

Voter ID

An article this weekend in the Winston-Salem Journal reported that as many as 613,000 voters in North Carolina may not have valid photo IDs.  That’s about 9% of all North Carolina voters.  Of course, then the article went on to talk about all the reasons that number may be hugely inflated.  They came up withContinue Reading

Three cheers for StepUp

The News & Observer recently wrote about an important charitable provider of job training here in Wake County, StepUp Ministry. StepUp reaches out to the hardest to employ — the homeless, those with criminal pasts, drug addicts, etc. — and gives them job training that includes life skills and what are called soft skills. OneContinue Reading

Yes, It’s True. And No, You’re Not Heartless To Acknowledge It’s True.

The Left is aghast over the idea that there is a connection between the duration of unemployment benefits extended, and when a recipient accepts a job. In reality, as John Hood explains in detail in this column, it is economic fact, no matter which analysis you choose to embrace. How much do the estimates ofContinue Reading

Of the Bobcats and the draft

The UPoR has a significant piece today on the Charlotte Bobcats draft prospects this year. Recall that current thinking in the NBA is that worst thing for a team to be is average — you don’t win many playoff games (if you make the playoffs) but you also don’t get a chance to maybe goContinue Reading

“This is proof that that demand and desire is there”

North Carolinians are demanding more choices in where to send their children to school, and there is no better evidence that the huge number of letters of intent submitted last week by those who want to open public charter schools. Carolina Journal’s Dan Way reports on what’s ahead. Darrell Allison, president of Parents for EducationalContinue Reading

Re: Some questions for the Treasury Secretary’s nomination

I hope someone asks Mr. Lew this question: What in your view is the connection between the steady decline in America’s world ranking with respect to economic freedom and our sluggish economic growth, low labor force participation, and anemic rate of new business formation? Since Lew served in the Clinton administration, it would be worthContinue Reading