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In Other Matters –

Miscellany: There have been too many stories of late on parents demanding or schools getting more armed officers to save kids from something that already happened somewhere else. Even so, yet another story emerged about another imperfect police officer. Local governments across the state are extending a brotherly arm of solidarity toward Asheville by signingContinue Reading


The federal government’s supply of funds for food and shelter assistance outstripped demand, so now the government wants to give the unused portion to overhead agencies, so they can pass what’s left after the rake to people who don’t need it. “The money is allocated based on unemployment in the county, so we didn’t getContinue Reading

New at CJ Online: McCrory sees promise on Main Street

Carolina Journal’s Barry Smith covered the inaugural ceremonies of Gov. Pat McCrory is this news report.

Meanwhile down in Georgia

Public funding for a new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons may not be a given. As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports: Amid stiff public resistance to partial public funding of a new Atlanta Falcons stadium, top state leaders say the team needs a better game plan if it expects to win crucial legislative support this winter.Continue Reading

Time For Proud Leftist Bill Maher To Put His $5 Million Where His Mouth Is

After radical leftist Bill Maher publicly insulted Donald Trump’s family with his usual vulgarity, Trump met Maher’s challenge and now wants Maher to pay up, as detailed in a letter. “Attached hereto is a copy of Mr. Trump’s birth certificate, demonstrating that he is the son of Fred Trump, not an orangutan. Please remit the $5Continue Reading

Liveblogging Gov. Pat McCrory’s inauguration

Kay Hagan’s weasel words on gun control

Here is the response Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan sent to a constituent urging her not to support gun-control measures in the wake of Sandy Hook. It balances on a thin political line better than Karl Wallenda, with all the appropriate concern for the kids of Newtown and professions of support for the Second Amendment. ButContinue Reading