Daily Archives: January 11, 2013

Michael Jordan & the Bobcats thought of the moment

From Steve Jones in Creative Loafing: MJ’s winning percentage in Washington was .3824. Through last season, his winning percentage in Charlotte was .3794. The winning percentage last year was .1060, the worst in NBA history. Charlotte’s NBA future is controlled by a man who is incapable of bringing winning basketball to the Queen City. TheContinue Reading

G’boro poised to jump off the incentives cliff

From today’s Triad Business Journal… A public hearing will be held Tuesday on an incentives package for the redevelopment of the Southeastern Building in downtown Greensboro. The project to redevelop one of the most prominent buildings in downtown Greensboro has long been on hold as developers Willard Tucker and Barry Siegal attempted to shore upContinue Reading

Film Incentives, Again

Thank goodness for North Carolina film incentives!  I don’t know about you, but as a taxpayer, I’m really glad we gave tax credits worth almost $1.8 million for the production of this gem, Piranha 3DD, that’s now been nominated for two Razzies – one for “Worst Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel” and one for “Worst SupportingContinue Reading

Who trains our teachers?

Interesting factoid of the day: In North Carolina, nearly one-third of teachers who were awarded initial certification/licensure received their training in another state. State Percent Trained Out of State (2011) Alaska 75.3% Wyoming 70.5% Maryland 68.5% Hawaii 57.3% Colorado 46.4% Vermont 44.8% District of Columbia 42.4% Tennessee 41.4% Kansas 40.4% North Dakota 37.2% Idaho 36.2%Continue Reading

Spending Superhero Mad Libs

I haven’t offered one of these in a while, but then again, I haven’t encountered a story such as this in a while (yes, the federal government dropping $100 large to make this video game in this economic environment would also have to make at least the top quintile of stupidest things I’ve ever heard).Continue Reading

Guilford County’s $41 million budget deficit

Ed Cone passes along a Facebook post from Guilford County Register of Deeds Jeff Thigpen: For those who heard a giant “thud” about 2 pm followed by complete silence—it was the County manager dropping a $41 million budget deficit estimate primarily from bond debt on the Commissioners and Department Directors. Thigpen later posts: The newContinue Reading

Education Week: NC earns a C+

Speaking of grades, Education Week released their annual Diplomas Count publication earlier this week. North Carolina earned a score of 77.7, good enough for a C+ grade.  Our state’s score was slightly higher than the national average (76.9) and placed North Carolina 21st out of 50 states and the District of Columbia.  Maryland had theContinue Reading

Hood’s expectations

If you haven’t read John Hood’s column this morning, do so. It is a thorough j’accuse of the completely irresponsible leadership of our nation by the president, his party’s Senate, and the “opposition” party’s House. Here’s how it begins, and it keeps up that blistering pace throughout: In response to four years of massive federalContinue Reading