Daily Archives: January 10, 2013

Subsidize Mediocrity

I’ve never been a fan of “shop local” programs. I grew up in Detroit, where there was a big push to buy American cars, and I did not put much thought into what I wanted for my first vehicle. It was a Japanese product that was bottom-of-the-line in price, low-maintenance, and capable of 60 mpg.Continue Reading

Amazing Discovery

The Hendersonville Times-News has been running a headline-challenged article for at least a couple days. Yesterday, it claimed that individuals were spending billions of hours preparing their taxes. The claim clashed with my connotation of an individual. Today, the headline was reworked to assert that a watcdhdog, which I consider to be an attentive, perspicaciousContinue Reading

Day off Work

It will be my privilege to be in Atlanta tomorrow, attending another presentation on unfunded liabilities. The guest speaker will be actuary John Boyle, and a preliminary draft of the speech was very impressive. Fiscally-conservative think tanks have been aware of the problem for ages, but this event is intended to educate-and-outreach policy makers whoContinue Reading

Remittances – How much money will the US send abroad this year?

We always talk about immigration, but what about our money and what the immigrants are doing with the funds they earn within our borders?  Many immigrants or illegal aliens earn money in the US and then send money abroad to their family or friends, these funds are known as remittances.  So the tax breaks forContinue Reading

The State Board of Uncertainty

The N&O political blog, Under the Dome, has a noteworthy post on the uncertain future of the State Board of Education (SBE).  Just to recap, Governor McCrory has three immediate appointments to the SBE, including the chairperson.  He will have three additional appointments later this year.  These six appointments, along with Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest,Continue Reading

The Impact of Obamacare

Wondering about the impact that Obamacare is going to have on the economy?  Well, here’s yet another example of what we can expect from the new law.  A group of Wendy’s franchises in Nebraska is reducing the hours of 100 employees to 28 hours a week because the new Obamacare regulations make it too expensiveContinue Reading

N.C.’s Big Education Establishment Moves Against Competition, Again

JLF’s Terry Stoops has posted at sister blog The Locker Room the move made today by the State Board of Education to prevent the expansion of a successful public charter school in Pamlico County. This move is as anti-parent as you can get. The school is in demand. And that’s what has Big Education worried.Continue Reading

Obama saves the planet–Global temps decline since first inauguration