Well said, Melissa!

In today’s Wall Street Journal we find a letter to the editor from Melissa Mitchell excoriating the wastrels in Congress for continuing to spend like mad even though we are already swimming in an ocean of debt. Here it is:

Haul Pork Producers Into the Light

Your Jan. 4 editorial “The Outrageous Sandy Outrage” provides a good look into a bill that has caused much controversy. Although it lists some of the pork contained within the bill, it does not name the pork producers. As a voter and taxpayer, I want to know who added these unrelated storm items into the bill. They are the ones who should be held accountable for the failure of this bill, not Speaker John Boehner.

A million here, a million there, is adding up to trillions in debt that many economists say is going to eventually impact or even destroy the U. S. economy. I am beginning to think that members of Congress simply have no concept of the money they are spending. For the average taxpayer, dollars are a concept that he can hold in his hand and understand. The difference between a one-dollar bill and a hundred-dollar bill is clear. Congress cannot hold millions or billions in cash in their collective hands, so it means nothing to them. A million or a billion are just words to them.

In years past, we have had the “Golden Fleece Award” and “Beam Me Up, Mr. President.” I think it is time for the “Pork Producers Award,” which reveals the names of every House member or senator who adds unrelated pork items into any bill, starting with the Sandy bill.

Melissa Mitchell

Raleigh, N.C.

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