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While Your Salamanders May Never Taste Silt

In another rare instance, government has been caught protecting the innocents. The Eastern Band of Cherokee is going to start fining perpetrators of domestic abuse $1000 per incident. On average, the tribal court issues about 120 restraining orders each year to protect potential victims. By way of comparison, Jackson and Macon Counties average 58 andContinue Reading

Click Your Heels Together and Say . . .

People who warned economic policy was steering toward a collapse over ten years ago still cling to outlandish notions that production drives prosperity. Those who are still trying to build the economy with plans, streetscapes, visioning, and other forms of overhead continue to believe in their thang. In downtown Hendersonville: [Main Street Advisory] Committee membersContinue Reading

It’s for Your Own Good

The Polk County Commisioners failed to second Ray Gasperson’s motion to adopt a Steep Slope Ordinance. The ordinance was drafted to replace the Mountainside and Ridgeline Protection Ordinance. Tom Pack then made a motion to rescind the MRPO. The measure passed with all but Gasperson’s approval. All this happened after just about everybody at aContinue Reading

On Going to Market

The Flat Rock Playhouse got government money. Many local theatres got none. The Little Theatre stayed little. The Powderhorn Theatre got dozed. And this local theatre cried wee wee wee . . .

Sacramento Kings to Seattle?

From ESPN: Investor Chris Hansen, who has a deal to build an arena in Seattle to lure an NBA team, has contacted the Maloof family about buying the Sacramento Kings, people with knowledge of the situation said Wednesday. The people spoke on condition of anonymity because no deal has been reached. One person says theContinue Reading

You might be a progressive if…

…you think minting a trillion dollar coin to pay the deficit for the year is a great idea and you can’t figure out why we don’t just mint 16 of them and pay off the entire debt.

New at CJ Online: Opening day of the General Assembly

At the latest Carolina Journal Online news report, Barry Smith reports on the largely ceremonial first day of the North Carolina General Assembly. Read his account here.

U.S. Taxpayers Spend 6 Billion Hours Complying With Tax Laws

The federal tax code is now so onerous that it takes 6 billion hours to comply. The federal Taxpayer Advocate ranks complexity as the No. 1 problem facing the tax system and offers an eye-opening estimate of Americans’ cost of complying – $168 billion in 2010, or about 15% of total income-tax receipts. In her 2012 annual reportContinue Reading