Daily Archives: January 8, 2013

Man, That Was Sure Unkind

This blog recently mentioned the oddity of Hendersonville City Council entertaining a resolution that would indirectly support the City of Asheville’s attempts to retain control of its water system in spite of legislative attempts to bestow the valuable enterprise on another entity. During Asheville City Council’s regularly-scheduled update on its good-faith negotiations with the MetropolitanContinue Reading

Synergy Can Wait

It is difficult to believe, but that radical, left-wing Asheville City Council is showing restraint and maturity. Whereas before, one would expect city councilpeople to fall for any hair-brained idea with a big price tag, tonight, they decided they did not wish to convert the old Ice House into a museum. The facility is dilapidated,Continue Reading

Not Too Big a Crowd

The article consulted from the local daily did not give any numbers, but somebody who was in line half an hour before the doors opened for the Asheville Gun Show estimated 500 people were waiting outside. http://western.johnlocke.org/blog/?p=10937

Playhouse Gets Money

The Hendersonville County Commissioners decided Flat Rock Playhouse leadership had mended their ways sufficiently to merit the other half of funding promised.

Gboro women behaving badly, Parts III & IV

Not meaning to make light of it, but pretty incredible that on the heels of recent news regarding Janet Danahey and Mary Ann Holder comes word from GPD that Sharon Palmer was the shooter in the domestic dispute that left her and her 14-year-old son dead and her older daughter and boyfriend wounded. Details stillContinue Reading

What‘s Cam Newton and a 7-9 record worth?

For the Panthers, in terms of getting national television exposure? Given that RGIII is the hot young quarterback of the moment, that Charlotte is among the NFL’s smaller TV markets and the Panthers lack of recent success, it’s hard to see the Panthers being on national TV more than maybe twice, say a Monday nightContinue Reading

Another unintended consequence of government intervention

Without federal meddling (subsidies and mandates for the production and use of ethanol) more land would be used to grow corn — not just in the US but also in countries like Guatemala. In this piece, Hans Bader of CEI observes that as a result, many Guatemalan children are badly undernourished — among other harmfulContinue Reading

A Lesson from France

Often, a look at Europe is instructive.  They’re years ahead of us in the implementation of social democratic policies.  They have larger welfare states.  They have bigger governments.  They have single payer health care systems.  A look at Europe can tell us a lot about what is likely to happen in America if we continueContinue Reading