Daily Archives: January 8, 2013

Another unintended consequence of government intervention

Without federal meddling (subsidies and mandates for the production and use of ethanol) more land would be used to grow corn — not just in the US but also in countries like Guatemala. In this piece, Hans Bader of CEI observes that as a result, many Guatemalan children are badly undernourished — among other harmfulContinue Reading

A Lesson from France

Often, a look at Europe is instructive.  They’re years ahead of us in the implementation of social democratic policies.  They have larger welfare states.  They have bigger governments.  They have single payer health care systems.  A look at Europe can tell us a lot about what is likely to happen in America if we continueContinue Reading

Interesting (and stupid) ad from the DOE

I just heard a radio ad from the US Department of Energy encouraging people to switch from incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs. Their case was based on superior efficiency. They said that the “new” bulbs are more efficient than the old bulbs in the same way that text messaging is more efficient than carrierContinue Reading

Theory: any story with “trillion” in it contains more bad news for the American people

That’s my operating assumption after just a little over a week into 2013 (examples here and here), though my concern is much older. Here’s the latest — an idea to “solve” the debt crisis by having the U.S. Mint print a trillion-dollar platinum coin. God have mercy, that’d be a “solution” akin to the oldContinue Reading

Breakdown of charter school applicants

Last week, I mentioned that the NC Department of Public Instruction received 161 letters of intent from groups looking to apply for a charter from the state.  I obtained the list of the potential applicants.  Here is the breakdown: Fourteen of the applicants would like to open a charter school in Wake County, while 33Continue Reading

Federal money for Tesla Motors

Among the vast number of government expenditures that ought to be immediately axed to stop the gusher of red ink are the subsidies for “green” companies like Tesla Motors, owned by the plutocratic Obama supporter Elon Musk. K. Lloyd Billingsley explains here. If you found that your expenses were exceeding your income month after month,Continue Reading

Worried about Boehner?

The fiscal cliff deal certainly gives you a good reason to worry about the U.S. House speaker’s ability to stick to conservative principles. But the latest issue of The Atlantic offers some hope, profiling Ted Yoho, one of the new U.S. House members who “promise to make John Boehner’s life even more hellish.” As weContinue Reading

The real goal of many ‘reformers’

Ever wonder why so many critics of voter ID adamantly oppose such a sensible idea? In some cases, one suspects an element of projection. Since the electoral “reforms” these critics support are designed to maximize advantages for Democrats, they seem to think voter ID is designed to maximize advantages for Republicans. If you doubt thatContinue Reading