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Henderson County is attempting to reduce the number of dead Indians voting. Its board of elections sent out post cards to 12,000 inactive voters and then went to the local daily to ask people receiving the post cards in error to help by letting the board know the intended recipients are not at the recordedContinue Reading

On Big & Little

The Henderson County Commissioners will consider giving the Flat Rock Playhouse another $50,000. Such generosity could be one reason why the nearby Little Theatre remains little.

Missed Opportunity

The son of Rand Paul and grandson of Ron Paul was arrested in a North Carolina airport today. I was hoping he had put TSA authorities in their place, but we are not so fortunate. Then again, those TSA people have a way of making good people act like they’re intoxicated. For all I know,Continue Reading

Hold the Wheel and Drive

All full of myself and supposing myself to be clever, I observe that the former governor came to visit us to talk about beer, and the new governor was here today to talk about water.

More State Incentives

Yet again, North Carolina is giving out incentives to businesses to lure them to the state.  This time, it’s $100,000 to International WoodFuels LLC for construction of a 300 metric ton-per-yer wood pellet plant. The company was already attracted by our ports, and by increasing demand for their product.  Did we really need to giveContinue Reading

A soldier’s view of the Afghanistan campaign

Having recently returned from Afghanistan, First Sergeant HansMarc Hurd described for a John Locke Foundation audience today the work his Garner-based U.S. Army Reserve unit conducted during a yearlong deployment in the Middle East. Hurd’s views were his personal assessments — not official Army statements. In the video clip below, Hurd describes one of theContinue Reading

Group gives NC a D for education laws, policies

Today, Michelle Rhee’s organization, StudentsFirst, released a state policy report card, which evaluates the education laws and policies in place in each state.  North Carolina received a D overall and ranked 32 out of the nations 50 states and D.C.  Our highest grade was a D+ in the productivity (spending and performance) and North Carolina’sContinue Reading

Kindergarten: The new first grade

And you can thank (or blame) new Common Core standards. As the Fayetteville Observer describes it: Alicia Knudsen began the day’s lesson with her pupils, dissecting words by sound. The children tapped each sound with their fingers and then said the word. Knudsen then moved to the next exercise: substituting the first letter of aContinue Reading