Daily Archives: January 5, 2013

He Who Thinks He Is Secure, Is Not

The masses are not listening to their teles, but are remaining firm in their conviction that the best defense is self-defense. The Asheville Gun Show fared well. Show Owner Mike Kent said this was the first time he has seen people lined up two and a half hours before the doors opened. They were notContinue Reading

Not News

Environmental groups are opposing logging.

Shake It Up, Man!

If that isn’t old enough, another headline announced job creation. Shall we play fill in the blanks one more time? Gov. Bev Perdue on Thursday announced that _________________, a _____________________ manufacturer, will expand its facility in ___________________. The company plans to create ____ jobs and invest $____ million over the next ____ years in _________.Continue Reading

Because They Can, and You Can’t

A previous post expressed confusion over why decision-makers for the City of Asheville felt compelled to buy a derelict building after it became a murder scene, and then why they thought it would be a good idea to transform the former warehouse/ice house into affordable housing. Clarification on the latter point came forward in aContinue Reading

McCrory Swearing in ceremony

Liveblogging the swearing in ceremony of Pat McCrory.