Effects of 2004 ITS consolidation not measured according to State Auditor

The state’s Information Technology System (ITS) was the subject of an audit released today. In 2004, the North Carolina General Assembly passed Senate Bill 991 requiring consolidation of IT products and services in state agencies, local governments and educational institutions with expected savings of at least $3.2 Million by July 30, 2012.

So how’s that working?  Well apparently no one knows because as the North Carolina’s state auditor found:

ITS has not established performance measures to determine if the goals of IT consolidation have been achieved. Specifically, ITS has not established metrics to determine if consolidation of IT products and services has achieved the following three goals:

1. Strengthen state agency focus on its core mission

2. Improve IT service delivery

3. Reduce statewide IT costs

Hood pointed out recently that the NCGA Program Evaluation Division is a “storehouse of good ideas“. That is true.  The state auditor also offers some good places to start working too.  Like ensuring legislative intent is met and NC law is followed.  And the sooner the better.

Here’s the full audit (PDF download).




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