Daily Archives: January 4, 2013

Invisible Pork

The Associated Press apparently wants idiots like me to rant about them intentionally ignoring facts. Presumably there is some glorious end to detonating the economy to which the AP is privy. Perhaps that is what is discussed in the closed-door meetings.

Destroy Cars for Only $770

Thirty to forty luminaries celebrated worker solidarity on May Day two years ago by dressing in black and swinging hammers at night, smashing glass and denting metal on downtown Asheville streets. An estimated $18,000 in property damage was perpetrated. The community organizers, like many socialist kids in Europe, were only giving capitalism its just comeuppins.Continue Reading

Making One Unpopular to Win Popularity Contest

After all the holiday good cheer, concession seems unlikely in the fight over a piddly few votes from Warren Wilson College students. Recount options were exhausted. Sooner or later the courts will be, too. Why don’t we just ask all the WWC kids in District 2 who voted who they want seated and get downContinue Reading

Vice Breeds Nice

In recent years, North Carolina police departments have been scandalized with walking evidence, gambling rings, illicit affairs, and now bribery and extortion. That’s no reason for citizens not to clamor for more of them and fewer of us to be able to exercise Second Amendment rights.

Will He Really?

Re-elected House Speaker John Boehner is reportedly promising to fight President Obama over spending cuts and the debt ceiling. In order for that to happen, Boehner must not be afraid to say no and be portrayed as the cold-hearted bad buy who wants to grandma to eat dog food. He must also learn to passionatelyContinue Reading

Federal Trade Commission drops Google probe

If this November Carolina Journal Online Daily Journal piqued your interest, you’ll likely be interested in the latest news about the Federal Trade Commission’s campaign against Google: The FTC was once eager for the Google probe, successfully pushing for jurisdiction over the Justice Department, with which it shares antitrust enforcement duties. As the investigation pickedContinue Reading

Effects of 2004 ITS consolidation not measured according to State Auditor

The state’s Information Technology System (ITS) was the subject of an audit released today. In 2004, the North Carolina General Assembly passed Senate Bill 991 requiring consolidation of IT products and services in state agencies, local governments and educational institutions with expected savings of at least $3.2 Million by July 30, 2012. So how’s that working? Continue Reading

Wowza! Up to 161 groups to apply for charters

The NC Department of Public Instruction reports that 161 groups have submitted letters of intent to apply for a charter from the state.  Of course, the state’s Office of Charter Schools will not receive 161 applications by the March 1 deadline.  Some of the groups may choose to apply for a charter next year.  OthersContinue Reading