Daily Archives: January 4, 2013

Federal Trade Commission drops Google probe

If this November Carolina Journal Online Daily Journal piqued your interest, you’ll likely be interested in the latest news about the Federal Trade Commission’s campaign against Google: The FTC was once eager for the Google probe, successfully pushing for jurisdiction over the Justice Department, with which it shares antitrust enforcement duties. As the investigation pickedContinue Reading

Effects of 2004 ITS consolidation not measured according to State Auditor

The state’s Information Technology System (ITS) was the subject of an audit released today. In 2004, the North Carolina General Assembly passed Senate Bill 991 requiring consolidation of IT products and services in state agencies, local governments and educational institutions with expected savings of at least $3.2 Million by July 30, 2012. So how’s that working? Continue Reading

Wowza! Up to 161 groups to apply for charters

The NC Department of Public Instruction reports that 161 groups have submitted letters of intent to apply for a charter from the state.  Of course, the state’s Office of Charter Schools will not receive 161 applications by the March 1 deadline.  Some of the groups may choose to apply for a charter next year.  OthersContinue Reading

Job Losses

Business Insider is calling it The Scariest Jobs Chart Ever, and they may be right.  Calculated Risk, a finance and economics blog, produced the chart, which shows the depth and duration of the current recession in terms of job losses, and it’s not a pretty picture.  When compared to every other employment recession since WorldContinue Reading

Lies, damn lies, and promises that only the rich will pay higher taxes

Goldberg explores the president’s approach to the fiscal cliff

Jonah Goldberg‘s latest column at National Review Online probes the flawed thinking that guided President Obama’s approach to the recent fiscal cliff battle. The president seems to think that if he calls class warfare “math,” it’s suddenly not class warfare. Also, the man’s version of the last two decades of economic history has always struckContinue Reading

Independent Women’s Forum leader offers advice to conservatives

In the wake of the “War on Women” campaign Democrats used to impugn Republicans in the last election cycle, Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women’s Forum devotes a Forbes column to the topic of conservative efforts to win more support from women. Perceptions of “fairness” also present an opportunity. Research conducted by Evolving Strategies foundContinue Reading

Shlaes highlights a cautionary tax tale from U.S. history

The next time a politician tempts you with talk about a temporary tax, you might recall this Forbes article from Amity Shlaes. Just as they are doing today, lawmakers in the early 20th century were busy casting about for ways to financially help themselves, the government and the economy. Many of them, especially Democrats, recognizedContinue Reading