Daily Archives: January 3, 2013

I Need a Vacation

Chronically malcontent, I now miss the holiday “news.” Only yesterday Clay Logan was all over the papers for dropping a box of undisclosed contents. Today, POOF! Nothing. Maybe he dropped a box of pot and shared it with the press. Indicative of the return to twisted normalcy is renewed rumblings about using legislative powers toContinue Reading

Sell Gummint Land! Sell Gummint Land!

Senator Kay Hagan thinks it good for the federal government to further bloat its debt. So good, she has pledged to work against any attempt to cause the government to turn some of this great land back to the people, back to the tax rolls, off the federal liabilities lists.

I’m Comin’ to Join You, Elizabeth!

Every once in a while, one catches the government is protecting the innocents. It happens so infrequently, I fear it is a ploy to make me embrace Fiscal Cliff propaganda.

Gambling Attracts Organized Crime

Video sweepstakes machines have been known to cause people nextdoor to trip and choke on errant pixels. That is how the state justifies outlawing them, and the courts can’t justify allowing their owners to continue to operate them while the outlawing is appealed to the US courts. In reality, everybody knows the state wants aContinue Reading

Panthers in Salary Cap Hell

Not exactly a surprise if you follow the Panthers, but still ESPN’s Pat Yasinskas offers up some pretty sobering numbers: The Panthers currently have about $136 million committed against next year’s salary cap, which is expect to be slightly over $120 million. The Panthers will care about $3.5 million in cap space over from thisContinue Reading

New at CJ Online: McCrory and Triangle rail

In the latest news report at Carolina Journal Online, Dan Way notes that incoming Gov. Pat McCrory has not ruled out providing matching funds for a Triangle rail transit proposal.

Two NC congressmen buck party caucuses on vote for House speaker

Two members of Congress from North Carolina bucked their party’s caucus choices when it cam to casting their votes for speaker of the House today. And it was a bipartisan effort. Third District Congressman Walter Jones, a Republican, did not vote for House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and 7th District Congressman Mike McIntyre, a Democrat,Continue Reading

Reality Bites: NC State Explains The “Blow” Of New Tax Hikes To Employees

Today’s NC State Bulletin carries this item headlined “The Lowdown On Taxes.”   Posted: 03 Jan 2013 08:18 AM PST There’s probably a way to say this that softens the blow but we’re all adults, so here’s the short version: taxes are going up. The hike that affects most employees is a 2 percent increaseContinue Reading