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The Obama diet: gorge yourselves into fitness!

Obama actually believes we can “spend ourselves out of a downturn,” so it follows that he also believes we cannot budget-cut our way into prosperity. Today Obama continues to perfect his Demand-Curves-Slope-Upwards economic model. His idea of balance needs that 41:1 ratio of tax increases to “spending cuts”: We can’t simply cut our way toContinue Reading

Happy New Year

HT–Dan Mitchell

Way more to come in this ‘very taxing new year’

James Pethokoukis reminds us of the president’s recent statements on taxation and the needs of his aggressive welfare state and notices that we’re only about one-third of the way into the tax hike-fest of 2013. (Again I ask where exactly do the president’s fervent disciples believe the economic growth will come from?) Pethokoukis writes: HowContinue Reading

‘A very taxing new year’ — especially for the 99.7 percent

The Wall Street Journal breaks down the manifold negative tax shocks the “recovering” economy is about to weather, thanks to Obamacare and yesterday’s tax bill. One that I would like to highlight: As for small business, the overall tax increase this year is substantial. The new listed top rate of 39.6% doesn’t include the phaseoutContinue Reading

No More Free Bus Travel

The News & Observer reported today that, as of the new year, state employees are no longer be entitled to free bus travel downtown.  Now they have to pay for their transportation, just like everyone else.  I don’t know how many state employees use the bus, so I don’t know how much difference this changeContinue Reading

NASBO: state spending continues to increase

The National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO) released their annual State Expenditure Report in late December.  It is chock-full of interesting budget information. Between FY 2010 and FY 2012, spending increased in most states.  The North Carolina General Assembly increased overall state funds by 6.3 percent between FY 2010 and FY 2011.  In theContinue Reading

RPS from SB 3 on chopping block for 2013 session

This is the kind of common sense legislation we look forward to with new bold leadership in 2013. Rep. Mike Hager, chair of the public utilities committee proposes rolling back the costly, job killing renewable portfolio standards requiring 12.5% of NC’s energy come from conservation and renewable energy sources enacted in the 2007 Senate billContinue Reading

In case you missed him …

John Hood offered his political insight during the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day editions of News 14 Carolina’s Capital Tonight. Among the discussion topics Monday was Hood’s assessment of the factors contributing to Republicans’ electoral success in 2012. On Tuesday Hood discussed GOP priorities for state government in 2013.