Daily Archives: January 2, 2013

Even More on That Recovery

Eblen Charities has agreed to accept federal funding for home heating assistance. Meanwhile, paying customers are keeping their homes at bone-chilling temperatures this flu season. Presumably, the upper classes are sitting comfortably, but the avoidance of the Fiscal Cliff should bring some of them to having to ask if they really need to pop thoseContinue Reading

Filling Column Inches

This story leaves no stone unturned in further redounding the concept of “could potentially.”

Out of Cliff Jokes

Our great leaders saved the nation from falling off the Fiscal Cliff by working a compromise in the eleventh hour. Cliff or no cliff, we all knew everybody would suffer from tax increases. We just didn’t expect the no-cliff option to impose direct taxes on over 99% of the legal population. Whereas mass media soundContinue Reading

Green & Recycled

Here’s an umpteenth article about how great it is to give up your land.

HP: Randleman Dam hit, Uptowne master plan

High Point legal counsel Fred Baggett says the city has ‘a significant, unknown amount of liability’ after the state Supreme Court let stand lower court rulings that the Randleman Regional Reservoir hurt five small power plants, one of which is owned by the husband of Sen. Kay Hagan. HP’s share in the alleged $5 millionContinue Reading

NC U.S. House members explain their ‘fiscal cliff’ votes

I’m always interested in how members of Congress use their official websites. Often it’s what’s NOT there that is as revealing as what is. I visited each of our 13 members’ websites to see what they had to say about their votes last night on the “fiscal cliff” legislation. District 1, G.K. Butterfield (D): NoContinue Reading

Duke lacrosse: The program that almost wasn’t

In the spring of 2006 the Duke lacrosse program was front-page and major-network news almost daily, for reasons we all remember. After the notorious party on N. Buchanan Blvd., the 2006 season was suspended. There was a serious question whether the entire program would be eliminated, and one of college lacrosse’s powerhouses would disappear. Here’sContinue Reading

The Obama diet: gorge yourselves into fitness!

Obama actually believes we can “spend ourselves out of a downturn,” so it follows that he also believes we cannot budget-cut our way into prosperity. Today Obama continues to perfect his Demand-Curves-Slope-Upwards economic model. His idea of balance needs that 41:1 ratio of tax increases to “spending cuts”: We can’t simply cut our way toContinue Reading