Monthly Archives: January 2013

Will the war on drugs claim another victim?

I was just perusing some of the new bills being filed when I came across this latest addition to our war on drugs. Four House members have filed a bill to make possession of a pseudoephedrine a crime if the person has a prior conviction for the possession or manufacture of meth. I guess that’sContinue Reading

More Americans see the federal government as a threat to their freedom

Despite the constant barrage of statist propaganda from the Obama regime and its loyal media, it appears that an increasing percentage of the populace regards the federal government as a serious threat to its rights and freedoms. David Boaz writes about the most recent Pew findings here.  

Production must precede production, again

Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell has a superb post here on yesterday’s negative GDP numbers for the last quarter of 2012. In it, he explains what is wrong with the misleading, pro-megastate figures that lead people to believe that government spending adds to our national prosperity.

New at Carolina Journal Online: Charter school districts proposed

In the latest news report from Carolina Journal Online, Barry Smith reports on a freshman lawmaker’s proposal to let entire school districts convert their schools to charters. Read Barry’s account here.

McCrory: No Medicaid expansion till vast fiscal woes fixed

North Carolina’s Medicaid program is in a major state of disarray, potentially violating state statutes and General Assembly directives, while costing taxpayers “hundreds of millions of dollars,” a state audit revealed. Gov. Pat McCrory said the fiscal and operational calamity reinforces his belief Medicaid rolls should not be expanded under Obamacare. State Auditor Beth WoodContinue Reading

ObamaCare Legislation in the GA

There are all kinds of questions surrounding ObamaCare and North Carolina’s response to it.  Yesterday, Republicans in the General Assembly introduced legislation that would block the expansion of Medicaid and leave the creation of a health exchange to the federal government, rather than the state creating one. This seems to be broadly in keeping withContinue Reading

Locksmith licensing board already seeking broader power

Well, that didn’t take long. Senate Bill 18 would outlaw possession of locksmithing tools by anyone unlicensed as a locksmith in North Carolina and triple the cost of getting that license, among other things. Oh, it would grant this new power: “Authorize the chair, by majority vote, to issue subpoenas allowing the Board to obtainContinue Reading

Production must precede consumption

Man understood that elementary fact of nature from the beginning of time until the dawn of Keynesian economic theory, when experts declared that consumption was actually the “engine” that “drives the economy.” Thus, many economists and politicians tell us that what we need to restore full employment and high economic growth is more “aggregate demand”Continue Reading