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Frivolouser & Frivolouser

That great symbol of Buncombe County, showing a lot of smoke being blown from behind the mountains, appeared on the Merriam-Webster website in a list of ten words that describe what one hears from behind the dais. An etymology was thrown in with an extra sentence us Yankees didn’t get in our North Carolina historyContinue Reading

McHenry Holds Stupid Scissors

Representative Patrick McHenry responded to gerrymandering by opening an office in the outer reaches of his re-district. The district was redesigned to reach out, grab, and dilute the Democrat vote in ultra-liberal Asheville. The branch office will be at Black Mountain’s town hall.

Better than Gummint

I would like to share a happy story, just because it is so remarkable.

Fill in the Snakes

DWI offenders who refuse to submit to a breathalyzer must have their blood drawn and sent to Raleigh. In a rational world, one might conclude somebody would have to be drunk to prefer volunteering their blood to a puff of air. Unfortunately, this witch trial does not establish guilt; it sends gobs of blood toContinue Reading

Foxx vs. McCrory on streetcar funding

Or something like that. Odd, odd story in the UPoR about Gov. Pat McCrory telling Charlotte city officials that if they build the street car line, they may not get state money for the for the light-rail extension to UNC-Charlotte. And Mayor Anthony Foxx in turn responded by telling the Gov. rather bluntly that it’sContinue Reading

Re: City seeks Yes!Weekly restraining order

Yes! Weekly reports the City of Greensboro unsuccessfully sought a restraining order to stop distribution of yesterday’s story about Greensboro police surveillance of local activists. City Attorney Mujeeb Shah-Khan said “the city sought the restraining order to prevent the dissemination of information that was not public record but was criminal intelligence, even though it wasContinue Reading

Freshman Lawmaker Proposes Letting School Districts Go All-Charter

Carolina Journal’s Barry Smith reports on a proposal that seeks to unleash innovation in K-12 education. While the Republican leadership is talking education reform — including offering more choices for parents and students — a freshman GOP representative is putting forth a new twist on charter schools. Rep. Donny Lambeth, R-Forsyth, would like to giveContinue Reading

Absolute Debacle

From the audit of the state’s Medicaid program, released today by Auditor Beth Wood. Below is the summary. It can be summed up in two words: absolute debacle.   This performance audit was requested by the General Assembly. The audit found that administrative spending for the state’s Medicaid program is significantly higher than the averageContinue Reading