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Debt-brake or Spending-cap — we needed one

In this Cato@Liberty post, Dan Mitchell writes about the Swiss, who have avoided governmental bloat with their debt-brake, which amounts to the same thing as a spending cap, Mitchell argues. In the piece, Mitchell quotes David Hogberg, whose IBD piece Mitch Kokai posted below. Shouldn’t we adopt the same thing now? It would not hurt,Continue Reading

Bad news = Friday before Christmas release

Today, the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Department of Health and Human Services, released the “Third Grade Follow-up to the Head Start Impact Study Final Report.”  Why would ACF choose to release an important report on the Friday before Christmas?  Could it have something to do with the fact that researchers found that HeadContinue Reading

Turning the focus back where it belongs: government overspending

Partisans of all stripes agree there’s too much of a mismatch between the amount of revenue (mostly taxes) the federal government brings in and the amount of money it spends. While much of the discussion about fixing that mismatch has focused on the revenue side of the ledger, David Hogberg writes for Investor’s Business DailyContinue Reading

Historian Gutzman recalls the first ‘borking’

Former John Locke Foundation Headliner and constitutional historian Kevin Gutzman shares with Human Events readers his recollections of the process that led to the U.S. Senate’s rejection of Robert Bork as a Supreme Court nominee during the Reagan era. The vigor of his critics’ campaign proved that Bork was right: his intellectual opponents’ abuse ofContinue Reading

Goldberg explores the liberal obsession with race

Jonah Goldberg‘s latest column documents some of the liberal punditry’s most bizarre references to alleged racism on the right. Toward the end of the presidential campaign, various liberal pundits — a great many of them born after the signing of the Civil Rights Act — thought it a brilliant and damning indictment to note thatContinue Reading

Fund assesses the impact of the media’s all-out assault on guns

Within minutes of the initial reports of a large-scale school shooting in Connecticut, national media outlets were already starting to make their case for gun control. Has their campaign been effective? John Fund addresses that question in his latest column at National Review Online. A CBS News poll taken after the shootings found just 26Continue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

As she heads out the door of the executive mansion, Gov. Beverly Perdue isn’t going quietly. She pushed through the Council of State a deal to create a new park on the Dorothea Dix property, and she ignored her own screening process — established by executive order — in order to appoint a new N.C.Continue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

This week’s Carolina Journal Online Friday interview features a conversation with New York Times columnist Ross Douthat about the importance of making both a material and moral case for capitalism. John Hood’s Daily Journal explains why private intercity bus travel is causing such headaches for boosters of taxpayer-funded passenger rail.