Daily Archives: December 11, 2012

Getting on the Gummint Hook

I assume columnist Susan Reinhardt is making strange assertions to rile riffraff like me into getting her more publicity. Kids in Buncombe County schools get free breakfast. If they want free lunch, they must sign up for it, and great efforts are taken to recruit kids into the Free and Reduced program. If a payingContinue Reading

How to Ruin an Economy

The following from Ludwig von Mises has been spamming about. It explains why big government is not economically sound. 1 The Nature of Destructionism         To the socialist, the coming of Socialism means a transition from an irrational to a rational economy. Under Socialism, planned management of economic life takes the place of anarchyContinue Reading

What Unions Are Willing To Resort To: Punching Opponents In The Face

Warning, this video shows bullying and violence. I post it only to demonstrate how far unions are willing to go to get what they want. Pathetic.

What everyone knows and what no one knows about the Dorthea Dix Deal.

It was just a week ago that the dirty Dix deal was finalized.  Since then we’ve learned that there are even more unanswered questions that would have warranted more deliberate consideration before sealing this deal. Here’s what we know: Under Bev Perdue’s final days as governor, she pushed through a deal that leased away theContinue Reading

The future of the GOP

N.C. State political science professor Andy Taylor has an interesting column out for Carolina Journal on the future of the Republican Party. A highlight: The time has come for Republicans to contemplate three things. First, conservatism is not dead, but many of its advocates misunderstand it and do it a disservice. Second, this country remainsContinue Reading

Concealed weapons

The Second Amendment does not give you a right to carry a concealed weapon. So says the N.C. Court of Appeals. See my story on the ruling here for details.

Two NC districts awarded Race to the Top-District grants

Sixteen districts, including Guilford County and Iredell-Statesville in North Carolina – will split a pot of $400 million in federal money. According to the U.S. Department of Education press release, districts will use the money “to support locally developed plans to personalize and deepen student learning, directly improve student achievement and educator effectiveness, close achievementContinue Reading

DPI: Thank us for TIMSS scores

The results of the TIMSS (Trends In International Mathematics and Science Study) were released today.  North Carolina was one of a handful of U.S. states to participate in TIMSS testing of fourth- and eighth-grade students in math and science. At 11:00 am, my weekly newsletter was published.  In it, I remarked, The most important thingContinue Reading