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Perdue exempts herself, but not McCrory, from executive order on judicial appointments

Does it strike anyone else as odd that Gov. Bev Perdue is rescinding the same executive order she issued regarding judicial appointments? Well, she’s not really rescinding it. She’s exempting herself from it. She apparently thinks that incoming Gov.-elect Pat McCrory and future governors should be bound by the one she issued nearly 18 months ago.Continue Reading

‘Little appetite in the state capitals’ for Obamacare exchanges

As Dan Way reported today at CJ Online, Gov.-elect Pat McCrory hasn’t let on how he plans to address the issue of the “exchange” mandated under Obamacare. Should he choose to embrace a state-run exchange, however, he won’t have much company. At National Review’s The Corner, Tevi Troy notes that the Obama administration is gettingContinue Reading

Duke’s Staddon pans what he labels ‘scientific imperialism’

Public discourse has featured plenty of debate about apparent conflicts between science and religion. Duke professor John Staddon tackled the topic during a presentation today for the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society. Staddon says some portions of religious belief cannot be tested through scientific methods, while others are subject to scientific tests. But Staddon isContinue Reading

NC schools top Global Report Card

The Global Report Card (GRC) is a project of the George W. Bush Presidential Center.  The GRC allows the public to compare charter and school district performance in math and reading to other states and nations.  It is just been updated. The GRC also lists the top performing districts in both subjects.  Magellan Charter inContinue Reading

Get in the Christmas spirit

The fallacy of macro economics exposed–Deck the Halls with Macro Follies.

Blacks, women, and sociologists support Obama, right?

Mostly, yes, but Anne Wortham attacks his destructive, statist philosophy in this essay.

Government costs us, and government inaction costs us

For those who believe government does too much, the saying “Don’t just do something — stand there!” makes a lot of sense. But the latest Bloomberg Businessweek explains how those who live off the taxpayer have figured out how to make a buck when the government takes no action. Since 1952, according to the CongressionalContinue Reading

Republicans face decision time on Obamacare

The latest Bloomberg Businessweek focuses attention on an issue of importance to Republican governors and legislatures across the country: the future of Obamacare. Republicans who were counting on a repeal of the law are agonizing over whether to finally embrace it and even tussling with their own party members over what to do next. HouseContinue Reading