Daily Archives: December 7, 2012

Are We There, Yet?

The manual recount of votes for Buncombe County District 2 Commissioner is complete. Mike Fryar was still the top vote-getter, and Ellen Frost was still the second-place vote-getter. This time, the narrow margin between her and Christina Kelley G. Merrill was eighteen votes. The naming of a winner remains contingent on the final decisions inContinue Reading

I Conclude, Therefore I Analyze

The City of Asheville announced the findings of the study performed to humor the good-faith negotiations requirement of legislation intended to remove the water system from municipal control. Just like the MSD study before it, this study amazingly arrived at the foregone conclusion of its commissioning body. Whereas the MSD analysis recommended a merger, thisContinue Reading

Core Festivals

The City of Asheville is evaluating the worth of its Cultural Arts Superintendent position while this $65,000 a year job remains vacant. Duties included “core” government services like public art maintenance and festival oversight.

A great new course offering at UNC

English/Women’s Studies 363H: Latina Feminisms Professor Laura Halperin Spring 2013 MWF 12-12:50 Greenlaw 319   This honors course will introduce students to feminist literary theories, with a focus on (U.S.) Latina feminist theories, and with a concentration on texts by Chicana, Cuban American, Dominican American, and Puerto Rican writers. We will explore how literary theoryContinue Reading

Three things I love about Belmont Abbey College

Aside from a breathtaking beautiful campus, here are three things Belmont Abbey College has done recently that should be a model for colleges across the country: 1.  They offer a curriculum heavy on classical liberalism and fundamental disciplines, including two semesters of rhetoric, two of classic texts in political philosophy, two in Western civilization, twoContinue Reading

Please Save Us From These Dastardly Rich People

They aren’t paying their fair share and, after all, they stepped on the 99% to get where they are. Government should really do something about these awful rich people who only care about themselves.  The Library of Congress today opened the first International Summit of the Book, a gathering of leaders in academia, libraries, cultureContinue Reading

Hard questions about GPAC

The Rhino’s John Hammer questions many of the assumptions put forth by boosters of the proposed downtown Greensboro performing arts center. You can read for yourself, but I’ll summarize. *First and foremost, will Mayor Robbie Perkins find a way to “weasel out” of the November bond referendum? *Will the new Republican majority Guilford County BoardContinue Reading

‘Suddenly and deliberately attacked’